They say that nobody likes a critic.

At Sunline Energy, we love them.

Naysayers, skeptics, and critics bring us nothing but joy – especially when they spread San Diego solar power myths that are so easy to dispel.  Their willingness to believe in and disseminate solar misconceptions is a source of constant humor.

In this post, we’ve collected some of our favorite pieces of misinformation about solar energy, complete with links to articles that go into the “truth” in greater detail.

We hope you enjoy.

Myth #1: Going Solar Is Expensive

This simply isn’t true.  Solar has never been more affordable than it is today.  In fact, you can receive a brand-new photovoltaic (PV) installation, absolutely free.  And this isn’t even the best way to go solar.

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Myth #2: Solar Is Affordable – But I Can’t Afford It

There is a solar PV system for every budget.  It doesn’t matter if you’re super wealthy or struggling to get by, installing solar panels on your property will leave you better off.  Don’t believe us?

Check out this article.

Myth #3: Solar Doesn’t Work (It’s Not Powerful Enough)

This solar myth is demonstrably false.  Enough sunlight hits planet Earth every hour to power the entire world for a full year.  Solar is powerful enough to reduce your electricity bills to $0, charge your car, and reduce your carbon footprint to zero.

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Myth #4: Solar Doesn’t Work When It’s Cloudy

Absolutely, positively wrong.  Direct sunlight is ideal (obviously).  But your solar panels can still create clean and free electricity even when it’s overcast.  If you’ve ever gotten sunburned on a cloudy day, you already understand this.

Need some additional convincing?  Be sure to read this.

Myth #5: Solar Doesn’t Work at Night

Okay, this one is true.  But it’s irrelevant.  Thanks to San Diego’s net metering program, you can still power your appliances with clean electricity created from your solar panels – even when the sun isn’t shining.

It’s true.  But don’t take our word for it.  Read this article instead.

Myth #6: Solar Couldn’t Survive without Government Assistance

This is true.  But it’s also irrelevant – especially when you look at the government subsidies that go to oil, gas, and coal.  Fossil fuels receive so much more government funding.  In fact, 6 times as much.

You’ll be amazed at some of the numbers in this post.

Myth #7: DIY Solar Is Cheaper

It’s true that you can save on installation costs with a do-it-yourself solar PV system.  But you end up spending way more money in the long run.  Worse still, DIY solar doesn’t offer the same types of savings that a professional installation provides.

Check out this article to learn more.

Myth #8: Solar Panels Are Ugly

For some people, solar panels are unsightly.  For others, they are a badge of honor.  So this is neither completely true nor completely false.

But before you walk away from solar altogether (for aesthetic reasons), be sure to read this article.

Myth #9: Going Solar Is a Hassle

Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong.  Going solar is an absolute breeze – especially if you contract San Diego’s favorite solar installer (Sunline Energy).  But seriously.  Having panels installed on your rooftop is a painless process.

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Myth #10: Solar Panels Aren’t That Green

It takes energy to create solar panels.  And the manufacturing process does indeed produce waste.  But believe it or not, solar panels pay for themselves financially and environmentally many, many, many times over.  When it comes to energy generation technologies, solar is one of the cleanest options on the market.

Be sure to read this for more information.

Do You Have More San Diego Solar Power Myths?

The above list is our top 10 solar power myths.  But we hope to grow this list over time, adding more misconceptions (and corrections) in the months ahead.

If you ever come across other common solar energy myths, definitely let us know.

And as always, if you’re in the market for your very own solar PV installation, contact us today for a free inspection and quote.