How Much Are Solar Panels for a Home of Average Size in San Diego
Although we’ve blogged about this several times before, it remains one of the most popular questions we receive.  It’s also one of the most difficult to answer.

Let’s review why.

If you live in San Diego long enough, you come to realize that “average” home size is a difficult term to pin down.  We have every residential property type imaginable – from modest to massive.  From apartments to ranches (yes – you can install solar panels on rental properties).

In addition, asking about solar panel prices is also a bit misleading.  The panels themselves are useless without all of the components and labor required to generate clean electricity from the sun.  True – there are standalone DIY solar panel kits on the market, but there are tons of reasons why hiring a professional is much better (and cheaper).

Click here and here to learn why the do-it-yourself route is not a good idea.

And lastly, there’s the sticker price of solar and the actual price of solar.  Over the years, we’ve done countless residential solar installations.  And not once has a customer ever had to pay full price for a new system.  San Diego has so many terrific solar incentives designed to reduce installation costs.

So How Much Are Solar Energy Panels for Residential Properties?

Okay, so you want to know how much solar panels are for your home (inclusive of all parts and labor).

Well, the average price across San Diego County hovers around $10K.  But, many solar customers go above this amount.  And many go below.

The true answer depends on things like:

  • The size of your home.  Or more specifically, the shading, orientation, and layout of your property.  Keep in mind that some homes have relatively small roofs but plenty of yard space for ground-mounted solar installations – and vice versa.
  • Your financial goals.  Do you simply want to reduce your electricity bills, or do you want to opt out of the utility game completely?  Do you want to earn a handsome return on your investment or do you simply want to save a little extra cash?

You also need to factor in environmental goals, available incentives (which vary by district), and financing options (which vary by customer).

Solar Is a Lot Easier and More Affordable Than You Think

The above factors may seem overwhelming at first.  So many different things to consider and weigh.  But we make the process very straightforward.  And you’ll be surprised at how affordable residential solar can actually be.

In fact, when you install solar the right way, you end up paying less money every month than you do right now.  We’re talking about instant savings starting on Day 1.  This is true even if you have to take out a loan to finance your system (click here to learn more).

And the best part is, it costs you nothing to begin exploring your options.  Just request a free solar quote today and we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal that outlines everything you need to know BEFORE signing the dotted line.  You don’t pay a dime for this complimentary service.

Ready to begin enjoying free and clean electricity for the next several decades.