If Solar Panel Prices Keep Falling, Isn’t It Better to Wait?

Solar panels keep getting cheaper and cheaper.  Not just in San Diego, but around the entire world.

Every day, going solar becomes more and more affordable.

So doesn’t it make sense to wait?  After all, the longer you delay buying solar panels, the better deals you’ll find.

We’ve touched on this topic a few times in the past.  But NOW is actually the best time to buy solar panels – especially if you live in San Diego, a market that is ideally positioned for solar energy.

Let’s explore why.

The Logic Behind Buying San Diego Solar Panels Today

Ok fair enough.  If you buy panels next month, they’ll be cheaper than if you buy them today.  And if you wait until next year, they’ll be cheaper still.

But there are 3 important things to remember.

1.  Rising Electricity Costs

When you delay your solar installation, you must factor in the higher electricity bills you’ll have to pay in the meantime.

Any “savings” you might enjoy by buying solar panels in the future basically disappear if you rely on grid electricity.

This is particularly true in San Diego County.  We already have expensive utility power, and the price keeps going up.  In 2013 alone, SDG&E has hiked its rates between 12% and 40%.

2.  Disappearing Incentives

California has some of the best solar incentives in the country, including tax credits, rebates, and net metering.  These green perks not only help to lower upfront solar installation costs, but they also make it possible to generate income from your solar investment.


Many of these incentives are expiring – or at least undergoing substantial changes.

By getting your foot in the door today, you increase the likelihood of qualifying for these solar incentives…. and being grandfathered in for solar programs that expire or evolve.

3.  Solar Is an Investment

Believe it or not, solar installation costs become increasingly relevant when you factor in the 25 to 40 years that a well installed system lasts.

It’s true.

Solar is an investment.  And it delivers both financial and environmental returns for decades.  Literally for decades.

The average payback period for San Diego solar panels is 4 to 6 years for a residential installation.  Thereafter, the clean energy your system produces is 100% free – for the remaining 20 to 35 years.

Waiting to install solar panels simply delays how soon you can begin generating positive cash flow and slashing your electricity bills.

Are You Ready to Explore Your Solar Options?

Sooner or later, all of San Diego will be solar-powered.  In fact, the entire world will eventually run on clean energy from the sun.

Those that make the switch today begin enjoying the environmental and financial benefits – today.

Are you ready to begin exploring your solar options?

Contact us today for a 100% free consultation. Sunline Energy is one of the top solar companies in San Diego.  The longer you wait, the sorrier you’ll be.