How We Design the Perfect Solar Power Installation for Your Property

The solar revolution is here.

In 2013 alone, more than 140,000 separate solar installations went online.  Compared to the previous year, this represents 41% growth for the industry.

This is great news for the environment.  Great news for the tens of thousands of families that slashed their electricity bills.  And obviously, this is great news for San Diego solar installers like us.

But in this mad rush to embrace free, clean sunshine, many prospective solar customers focus exclusively on price.  They want the most affordable solar power installation possible (which makes perfect sense).  However, as discussed many times on our blog, cost is secondary to payback period.  What you really want is the best performing solar installation possible.  If you focus on this, everything else falls into place.

Designing the Best Solar Power Installation Possible

Over the past several days, we’ve looked at how our expert team of solar installers chooses the best PV components on the market:

  • Most of our installations use either LG solar panels or PV modules from SolarWorld
  • Our installations are built on inverter technologies supplied by Enphase and SMA

These solar energy workhorses allow us to consistently outperform our competitors.  But the real secret behind our success goes much deeper.  It’s not simply the parts that we use – it’s how we use them.

You see – we combine these powerful solar components in unique ways to ensure that you enjoy the best solar returns possible (and thus, the best payback periods possible).

How We’re Able to Consistently Deliver Unmatched Solar Returns

To increase the ROI of your installation, we carefully analyze:

  • Your property’s solar exposure – including the layout and orientation of your roof.
  • Your historic electricity usage – including seasonal and annual variations.
  • Available incentives, grants, and rebates that can help you lower the upfront cost of your installation.

Thereafter, we custom design a solar solution that is 100% unique to your property and long-term energy goals.

What this means is that sometimes we’ll use SolarWorld panels instead of LG modules.  And sometimes we’ll use Enphase instead of SMA inverters.

In this way, were able to provide you with an installation that offers the highest energy output at the lowest possible cost.  Taken together, these 2 variables are what determine the payback period of your installation.

Although every single project is different, the average Sunline Energy customer recoups all expenses in less than 6 years (sometimes as quickly as 4 years).  Thereafter, they enjoyed decades of clean and free electricity – even as utility rates continue to skyrocket.

Are you ready to embrace clean, free sunshine?  Eager to lower your electricity bills and green the planet?  Want to receive the most affordable and powerful solar installation that money can buy?