How to Make Your San Diego Solar Installation Last 40+ Years
As far as energy generation technologies go, solar is about as durable as they come.

This is why most high quality solar panels come with 25-year warranties

But many systems last much longer.  There are some San Diego solar installations that were erected during the early 1970s – more than 40 years ago.  And they’re still generating clean and free energy for their lucky owners.

So how exactly do you ensure that your panels last for the next 4 decades?

Getting the Most out of Your San Diego Solar Installation

Below is a quick checklist of steps you can take to increase the lifetime performance of your solar photovoltaic (PV) installation.

1.  Own Your Installation

This may seem like an odd step to include.  But there’s a huge difference between solar leasing (in which you rent your panels) and solar ownership (in which you finance your system with cash or loans).

When you lease, another party oversees installation and maintenance.  You have no say and no control.  This makes it impossible for you to take any proactive steps towards increasing your installation’s longevity.

2.  Only Use Quality Parts

This goes without saying, but only stick with quality solar parts from trusted manufacturers.

You want UL-listed components that offer the highest warranties possible.  And be sure to stick with brand names – especially those that have been around for awhile.

3.  Hire a Professional Contractor

There’s no shortage of do-it-yourself solar panels and home kits.  But you should avoid these DIY solutions for 3 important reasons:

  • DIY solar panels are actually more expensive in the long run since they don’t qualify for incentives or net metering.
  • Many DIY panel warranties require that the installation be completed by a licensed contractor.
  • All things being equal, solar PV systems installed by licensed professionals last longer than those installed by weekend hobbyists.

4.  Cleaning & Maintenance
There’s some debate over how important solar panel cleaning really is.  But if you do decide to clean your panels – make sure you do a thorough job.  San Diego has notoriously “hard” water.  If you just do the occasional rinse, your panels may build up deposits.

Instead, talk to your installer and find out what steps (if any) you should take to ensure consistent performance over the next 25 to 40 years.

5.  Monitoring and Tracking
Many of today’s solar PV systems come with remote tracking that allows you to monitor the day-to-day performance of your panels.

If you have the option to include this technology in your installation – do it.  Even if it costs a little extra.  That way, you’ll be able to catch problems early on.

Where Will Your San Diego Solar Installation Be in 2053?

How cool would it be to generate clean and free electricity for the next 40 years?

It almost sounds too good to be true.

But at Sunline Energy– this is our mission.  We believe in Solar’s potential and will do everything in our power to ensure you derive optimal energy from your system starting now through 2053 and beyond.

To get started with your solar installation, contact us today, for a free consultation.