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Social proof is powerful, which is why most businesses collect and promote testimonials. This also explains why a Google search of “San Diego solar company reviews” returns over 5 million results (in a County with just over 3 million residents).

However, social proof is also easy to manipulate. Literally anyone can create testimonials and reviews. Fortunately, fake ones tend to stand out, and you can usually spot them.

But not always.

So how do you accurately judge the quality of a review? How do you know that the praises and endorsements are legit?

Hopefully these tips will help.

San Diego Solar Company Reviews – What to Look for

There is no single answer or magic formula. This is why we recommend looking at a broad range of different sources in order to truly understand the bigger picture.

1. Ask for Testimonials

You should first begin by asking the solar company for testimonials. And not just any testimonials.   Don’t rely on written reviews (published on the company’s website or in its marketing materials). Instead, ask to be put in touch with living, breathing customers. That way, you can speak with them independently.

Be wary of solar contractors who are reluctant to do this simple step. They might cite “privacy concerns” or things like that. But in all honesty, solar customers love to share their experiences – especially if those experiences are positive.

2. Check Industry Reports

Peer reviews, independent rankings, and industry reports are all great sources for legit testimonials. For example, Sunline Energy was recently featured in a nationwide ranking of some of the best solar installers in the business (sponsored by Solar Power World Magazine).

Rankings like these are very difficult to manipulate.

3. Check 3rd Party Review Sites

You should also look at review sites like Angie’s List or Yelp. Technically, it is possible to manipulate these listings. But cheaters usually get spotted and kicked out.

We’re happy to say that Sunline Energy has more 5-star reviews on Yelp than any other solar installer in the San Diego region.

4. Check for Solar on the Property

Technically, this isn’t really a testimonial or review tip. But when a solar company doesn’t have PV panels on its own property, this should raise a red flag. How can any legitimate solar installers promote the technology if they haven’t embraced that technology?

Chefs should eat their own cooking.

Do Your Homework and Research Carefully

You’re a busy person. And the thought of investing hours checking reviews and testimonials may not sound very appealing.

But remember that solar is an investment – one that will last 25 to 40 years. So you shouldn’t cut corners. Make sure you do your homework so that you receive the highest quality solar installation at the best possible price.

To make things easier, we recommend getting as many solar quotes as possible. Most reputable solar installers provide this service free of charge (stay away from those who don’t). So there’s really no reason NOT to speak to at least 3 separate installers before taking the plunge.

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