How Sunline Energy Beats the Average Payback Time for Solar Panels

In California, the average payback time for solar panels is about 9 years.  It takes this long for the utility bill savings you enjoy a month after month to finally exceed the upfront cost of your solar PV installation.

After those 9 years are up and you’ve recouped all expenses, you enjoy decades and decades of free electricity.  No more bills, payments, or expenses (except for periodic cleaning – which isn’t really that necessary).

But at Sunline Energy, we consistently help our customers enjoy solar payback periods of 4 to 6 years.

How do we do that exactly?  Why do OUR customers reach the breakeven point years ahead of everyone else?

Let’s review.

Why Is Our Average Payback Time for Solar Panels So Short?

There is no single factor that explains our faster than average solar payback periods.  It’s actually a combination of many different things.

1.  We Use High Quality Solar PV Components

For starters, we only use the best solar parts in the business.

Some of these components cost more up front (because of the quality).  But since they deliver more energy per square meter, they offer much higher savings.  This helps to speed up the payback time of your solar installation.

To learn more about the solar parts we use, click here.

2.  We Provide Expert Solar Installation Services

Anyone can install solar panels.  In fact, you can do it yourself over a free weekend or 2 (although there are many reasons why you shouldn’t).

However, when you contract our services, you benefit from an expert team of NABCEP-certified engineers with unparalleled experience in the field.

In addition, we offer industry-leading performance guarantees.  If your system doesn’t deliver the power that we promise it will (during your free consultation), we’ll fix the problem or cover your losses.

3.  We Perform an Energy Audit

When you request a free solar inspection from us, we’ll perform a thorough energy audit of your property and recommend any number of energy efficiency tips to help you lower your overall electricity consumption.

The less power you consume, the fewer panels you’ll need.  This helps to lower upfront installation costs, thus, shortening your overall solar payback time.

4.  We Help You Apply for All Incentives

San Diego has an impressive range of solar incentives to help make the upfront and long-term cost of your installation much lower.

Again, by lowering the cost of your solar PV system, we’re able to shorten the average payback period.

Ready To Beat The Payback Time With Solar?

From the moment you request your free solar quote until the moment that your PV system becomes operational, we take care of all of the heavy lifting, including:

  • Inspecting your property
  • Conducting an energy audit
  • Installing and configuring your solar panels
  • Requesting and passing all permits and inspections
  • Applying for all local, state, and federal solar incentives

We hold your hand from start to finish, taking care of all of the above 100% on your behalf.

The only thing required of you is to request your free solar quote today and give us the green light.  We’ll take care of the rest.