How Solar in San Diego Helps to Save American Lives

At a recent La Jolla town council meeting, members met to discuss a range of issues, including the increasing role of renewable energy in the nation’s economy.

Of particular interest was how solar energy can help reduce defense costs – and potentially save lives.

Speaking on behalf of 52nd District Congressional member, Scott Peters, Sarah Czarnecki pointed out how the Department of Defense would like to reduce the $14.8 billion that it spent on fossil fuel last year.  And it’s looking to solar as one potential solution.  She noted that,

“We had 3,000 soldiers killed since September 11 through attacks on fuel convoys.  If you move to solar energy in the field, putting panels on tents and backpacks for powering small electronics, and on vehicles to keep the technology they are using cool, it will not only keep our men and women who are serving safe, but it will reduce costs.”

How Does Solar in San Diego Benefit Soldiers Abroad

We agree with the above assessment.  Solar energy in the field will help our men and women in uniform.  But you don’t need to deploy renewable energy in military zones in order to save lives.  As covered in a recent post, solar in San Diego (or in any American city) helps to make our soldiers safer.

And here’s why.

We have fuel interests all over the world.  Many of these coal deposits and oil fields are in countries that dislike us.  And thus, we must deploy a constant supply of troops and equipment to protect these reserves and escort fossil fuel back to our borders.

Any reduction in domestic fossil fuel consumption reduces the value and importance of these foreign energy sources.  The more clean power we can create at home, the less need there is for us to deploy soldiers in the first place.

This is why solar in San Diego, solar in New York, and solar in Peoria help to make our troops safer around the globe.

And this is not simply our opinion.

One of solar energy’s biggest proponents is the US military.  Despite all the back and forth in Washington, solar isn’t a conservative issue or a liberal one.  It’s a matter of national security, and it represents a clean and cost-effective way to keep our soldiers safe and out of harm’s way.

That going solar also benefits you (the consumer) is simply icing on the cake.  You enjoy lower electricity bills from Day 1, and you reduce your carbon footprint dramatically.  And the best part is, you end up paying less money in the long run.

Protect our planet.  Save our troops.  Grow your bank account.  And strengthen our economy.

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