How Solar Energy Systems for the Home Create San Diego Vet Jobs

Marketing renewable energy to residential customers is relatively easy.  Solar energy systems for the home not only help lower your monthly electricity bill, but they also help reduce your carbon footprint.

These benefits are immediate, measurable, and long lasting.  A well-installed solar PV system can last 40+ years with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

But the benefits of solar technology don’t stop there.  The positives extend into the community.  Solar helps the local economy and creates new green jobs.

Case in point, Empower America has just received unanimous approval from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to begin offering solar installation training to honorably discharged veterans.  The Temecula-based nonprofit hopes to combat unemployment – a problem that disproportionately affects returning men and women in uniform.

Starting next year, Empower America will offer 2 weeks of free solar installation training to any qualified veterans within the San Diego area.

More Solar, Less Pollution, Lower Bills, More Jobs

At Sunline Energy, we applaud this program.

True, it will create more competition for our own solar PV installation services.  San Diego’s market will become a little bit more saturated.  And there will be fewer available projects for the rest of us.

But ultimately, this is a great program – and we’re thrilled.  More competition helps everyone.  With each new solar PV installation, San Diego becomes a little bit cleaner.  A little more sustainable.  And it a little stronger (economically).

And we can’t think of a better way to honor our returning veterans than with free training for the high demand “green” jobs of today and tomorrow.

Supervisor, Dianna Jacob, probably said it best –

“Veterans face unique barriers when trying to integrate back into civilian life, including high unemployment rates.  We need to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to assist our heroes once they leave the military.”

Another Reason to Order Solar Energy Systems for the Home

If you’ve been on the fence about installing solar on your home or business, we hope that this project helps tip the balance.  You’ll already receive the countless environmental and financial benefits of going solar.

But now, you have the added benefit of knowing you’re making a major difference within your local community.  More solar projects = more demand = fewer unemployed veterans.

Solar is a win-win-win in every sense of the word.

If you’re ready to begin exploring your solar options and are looking for a honest solar company in San Diego, contact us today for a free consultation.