How San Diego Solar Will Help Keep California Cool This Summer
Homeowners and businesses throughout San Diego use solar installations to lower their electricity bills and reduce their carbon footprints.  Solar energy offers incredible financial and environmental savings – starting from Day One.

But San Diego solar can also save the day.

In California, electricity demand this summer is expected to soar.  And the state can’t rely on many of its usual power sources:

  • The San Onofre nuclear power plant will likely remain off-line for the foreseeable future (thanks to wildfires).
  • Hydroelectric isn’t much better.  With record droughts this year, there simply isn’t enough water to go around (wildfires aren’t helping).

And yet, California’s energy projections suggest that we’ll have enough power to cover unprecedented demand in what many expect to be an unseasonably hot summer.

This is because the state’s utility companies continue to invest in solar capacity.

In just the past year alone, grid solar has more than tripled.  And there is enough solar to meet more than 10% of daytime demand – precisely when energy is most needed and most expensive.  The daytime is also when solar panels operate at peak performance.

Just to put that in perspective, there is enough grid-based solar capacity to generate the same amount of energy as 2 separate San Onofre nuclear power plants.

And we’re just talking about solar capacity within the utility network (installed by utility companies).  Consumer-installed solar power doesn’t factor into these projections.  But as more homeowners and businesses invest in solar energy, this helps reduce peak demand.  Thanks to San Diego’s net metering program, solar customers are allowed to sell their excess clean electricity into the grid – at a profit.

San Diego Solar Is Good for Everyone – Including You (and the World)

This year is going to be pretty bad – with regards to temperatures, droughts, and wildfires.

But next year is going to be worse.

And the year after, worse still.

The sooner we invest in solar, the better off everyone is.  You benefit from having lower monthly electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint.  But the county, state, country, and world also benefit because energy generation becomes cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable.

Simply put, solar power is a win-win.

To begin exploring your San Diego solar options today, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.  You pay nothing for this service.