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Yesterday, we looked at one of the most interesting aspects of solar energy – its amazing ability to deliver instant savings starting on Day 1.

As covered in Part 1, it doesn’t matter if you finance your system with cash or with a low interest solar loan from your local bank.  The end result is the same.

Your utility bills go away, and you enjoy decades of free electricity – with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

This alone is sufficient reason for most San Diego homeowners to begin exploring their solar options.  Why pay increasingly large sums of money to the local utility company when you could tap into an energy source that is free, clean, and infinite?

Solar is better for your wallet and better for the environment.

‘Nuff said.

But it gets better.  Much much better in fact.

Let’s review.

San Diego’s Net Metering Program Makes Solar Irresistible

You know what’s better than free electricity?  How about receiving credits from SDG&E.

Like most states, California offers net metering – an ingeniously simple program that allows you to sell excess solar electricity to the local utility company… at a profit.

You read that correctly.

Every time SDG&E sends you an electricity bill, you basically get to send them your own bill at the same time.  And you’re only responsible for the net difference between the 2 statements.  Sometimes you’ll owe money, and sometimes you’ll be owed money (or credits).

With a large enough installation and some simple energy efficiency adjustments to your home or business, you’ll always be in the latter group – i.e. SDG&E owes you instead of the reverse.

So How Much Is Solar Energy for Homes?  It Doesn’t Really Matter

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize now that “price” is irrelevant.

  • Whether you pay with cash or loans….
  • Whether you install a large system or a small one….

The end result is the same.

You spend less money overall than you do right now.  And you enjoy decades of free electricity once the system is completely paid for.

Oh – and you’re also helping to save the planet and create local green jobs that help San Diego’s economy.

In other words, there’s no point in continuing to rely on expensive, polluting, and job-killing fossil fuels.  Solar is a win-win-win across the board.

To learn how installing solar panels on your property works, contact us today for a free consultation.  We’ll answer all of your questions and even send a team to your home or business to measure its solar energy potential – all free of charge.