How Much Does Commercial Solar Power Cost in San Diego?
One of the most common questions we receive (from residential and commercial customers alike) is “how much does solar power cost.”

The question makes perfect sense.  You want to know (upfront) how much money you’ll have to spend for a new installation.

It’s a simple question.  The answer, however, is a bit more complicated.

No reputable San Diego installer can give you precise quotes without doing an on-site inspection of your property.  This is true for residential projects but it’s especially true for commercial solar systems.

Determining Commercial Solar Power Cost?

Every commercial building is unique.

  • Some have slanted roofs, others have flat ones.
  • Some properties are huge (i.e. factories), others are mom & pop stores.
  • Some have heavy shading, others receive direct sunlight all day long.

Even in 2 buildings of the exact same size and orientation, there are differences.

For example:

  • In Building 1, you might have normal offices.  You only need enough electricity to power computers, lights, and fax machines during normal business hours.
  • In Building 2, you might have a laundry mat or photocopy center – resources that require a lot of energy 24/7.

You then also have to factor in things like depreciation, tax liabilities, and financing.

In addition, commercial solar incentives are often tiered based on the size of the installation – and in some cases – the type of business.

These differences are large enough that speaking in averages isn’t very useful.  If the average commercial solar power cost is $50K in San Diego, there’s a good chance you could be way below this threshold… or way above.

So How Much Should You Budget for Your Commercial Installation?

We can’t answer this without inspecting your property.  No one can.

Fortunately, solar consultations and estimates are normally free.  We’d love it if you contacted us, but in truth, any reliable solar installer will do.

If you need help finding high quality contractors, check out these resources:

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The point is, you should start your search ASAP.

San Diego has many solar incentives designed to bring the cost of your installation down.  But this free money won’t be around forever.  Incentives expire and evolve.  So the sooner you begin researching your solar options, the better.

If you’d like us to examine your commercial property (for free), just send us a quick email.

After inspecting your property, we’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know about:

  • Costs
  • Payback periods
  • Depreciation
  • Tax benefits
  • Monthly savings
  • Financing