How Germany Used Solar to Beat Nuclear
Last year Germany’s solar power plants produced a record 22 gW (gigawatts) of energy which is equivalent to the output of 20 nuclear plants.

That is 22,000kW of power.

This equates to 50% of the power of Germany with a goal to be nuclear free by 2022 as solar production continues to increase on a daily basis.

Let’s compare Germany to California as they are close to the same size in land mass as well as both having strong economies.

Keep in mind that San Diego has an ideal climate for solar and averages 226 sunny days per year.

To make it simple: A San Diego solar installation is twice as efficient as a German solar installation.

After the Fukushima disaster many people have been weary of nuclear. The problem with Nuclear is detailed in the image below:

Germany is also planning to increase it’s other renewable forms of energy as it decommissions more nuclear power plants.

The government plans on using more wind, solar and bio-mass. These are all things that could be done in California right now as our electric grid was developed when the state had about half the population it does today.

The California Advantage: San Diego Solar outshines the rest.

With many solar rebates in San Diego now expired, the cost of panels have actually leveled out. This is great for homeowners looking to go solar as the market is now determining the cost of solar instead of the State of California.

The biggest opponents to Solar in San Diego is SDG&E but because of the tiered structure and the newly implemented Time of Use Metering more San Diego homeowners are considering solar.

With the average payback of going solar in Germany being 12-15 years many people are moving forward knowing they are backed by 25 year warranties and expected panel life expectancy of 40-50 years and the ability to not be at the mercy of the ever increasing electric costs.

If you choose Sunline Energy as your San Diego solar contractor you will be looking at a payoff between 4-6 years depending on the size of your bill. This is on average half the cost of the state average.

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