Getting the Best Deal from Your San Diego Solar Contractor

At Sunline Energy, we sometimes like to gather our more popular blog posts and create a convenient “round-up” – a handy guide that features the best of the best.

Today’s theme focuses on how to get the best possible deal from your San Diego solar contractor.  We realize that the “perceived” cost of installing solar panels is daunting for many homeowners and businesses.

This post focuses on solar prices and creative ways to help drive down the total cost of your installation.

Let’s begin.

Solar Panels As an Investment

One thing we remind all of our customers is that solar is an investment – not an expense.

True, you have to pay money upfront, but the payback period is quite short (only 4 to 6 years for a residential installation).  And for the next 25 to 40 years, your system generates clean, free electricity.

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San Diego Solar Power Is Already Affordable

In San Diego, the average solar installation cost for a residential system is about $10K.  And thanks to a number of incentives and financing options, it’s possible to reduce that cost even more.

In other words, you’re a lot richer than you think you are.  Even with a modest income, solar is still within easy reach.

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Energy Efficiency and Solar Installation Costs

The easiest way to reduce your San Diego solar costs is to increase the energy efficiency of your home or business.  The less electricity you consume, the fewer panels you need.

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Finding the Right San Diego Solar Contractor

There are so many great solar installers throughout San Diego.  There are also countless bad ones.

Finding the right solar contractor for your property can be challenging.

In the following articles, we explain what to look for as you begin shopping around for licensed solar professionals:

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Increase the ROI of Your Solar Investment

It is impossible to separate solar costs from solar returns.  They’re closely intertwined.

Your goal as a clean energy producer should be to boost the ROI of your installation so that you enjoy faster, longer, and higher returns.

You can accomplish this by decreasing upfront costs (using the tips outlined above).  But you can also boost the ROI of your investment by increasing your solar installation’s performance.

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Have More Tips for Getting the Best Solar Deals?

If you have other terrific ideas for reducing solar installation costs (or increasing solar ROIs) comment down below or send us your ideas directly.

We’ll try to include your recommendations in future posts.

In the meantime, if you have questions about going solar, or if you want to learn what makes Sunline Energy unique, contact us today for a free consultation.