Does Solar Energy in San Diego Really Work?  Just Ask Your Utility

Solar energy has become mainstream enough that most Americans believe in the technology.

Or at least they believe in the technology’s potential.

This is especially true in San Diego County.  Solar power has really taken off in the past few years – thanks to our year-round sunshine and incredibly attractive solar incentives.

But is the investment really worth it?

Well – don’t ask us.  We’re as biased as biased comes.  As San Diego’s highest rated solar installer (on Yelp), our stance is pretty uncompromising.  For a more objective perspective, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

You could:

  • Talk to our growing family of satisfied San Diego solar customers (we can put you in touch directly).
  • Look at the 83,000+ Americans across the country who installed solar panels on their homes in 2012.
  • Ask Google why they decided to invest $103 million in its own San Diego solar farm.
  • Talk with gas station owners throughout the County who have decided to power their businesses with sunshine instead of – well – gas.

Or you could sit down with the Big Utilities in San Diego and ask why they’re fighting tooth and nail to strip solar legislation from the books (quick hint – it’s to protect their dying business model because free energy from the sun is way too competitive).

But the real clincher?  The piece of evidence that confirms (beyond any reasonable doubt) that solar energy in San Diego is awesome and totally worth the investment?

Read on.

SDG&E Embraces Free Sunshine – for Itself

San Diego utility company, SDG&E, has recently invested in the 8th largest photovoltaic (PV) solar energy plant in the world.  Once fully operational, the Catalina Solar Project will generate enough clean energy to power 35,000 homes throughout the metro San Diego area.

That’s fantastic news.  Sort of.

You see, we genuinely applaud utility companies that generate power from clean energy sources.

Less fossil fuel = a cleaner planet.

But as Ken Justo of ASI Hastings Heating explains,

“SDGE purchases solar power from a third-party provider… and sells it at a premium price to the public.  San Diego homeowners have a choice; they can invest in their own clean PV solar panels or continue to purchase their electricity from SDGE at a premium price.”

His analysis is spot on.

While it’s terrific that SDG&E is investing in cleaner power generation technologies, San Diego homeowners only benefit from the environmental perks of solar power.  They don’t get to take advantage of the awesome financial benefits that solar energy offers – like lower monthly utility bills.

Worse still, SDG&E customers will likely pay increasingly large electricity bills as utility rates go up in the future.  In 2013 alone, some customers have been hit with 40% price hikes.

Why let SDG&E enjoy all of the savings and benefits of clean power?

If you invest in a San Diego solar installation, you can:

  • cut out the middleman
  • generate your own clean energy

And it all begins with a simple email or phone call.

Contact us for a free consultation and begin exploring your San Diego solar power options today.