Dispelling the 5 Most Common San Diego Solar Myths, Part 4

Over the past few days, we’ve looked at 3 of the biggest San Diego solar myths preventing fence-sitters from enjoying the many benefits of renewable energy technology.

We’ve already covered:

  • Myth #1: solar is too expensive (in general)
  • Myth #2: solar is too expensive (for me – right now)
  • Myth #3: solar simply isn’t powerful enough (it doesn’t work)

Today, we’ll look at Myth #4 – solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy.

Conceptual Proof That San Diego Solar Panels Work When It’s Overcast

It is true that solar panels work best when they receive direct sunlight.  No surprise there.

But the notion that they stop working once the clouds come out – this is just plain silly.

At a basic level, you already know this.  After all,

  • Many people still get sunburned on overcast days
  • If you stare at the clouds long enough, your eyes will begin to hurt
  • Plants still undergo photosynthesis when it’s overcast (just look at the green hills of Ireland)

Clearly, sunshine still manages to get through – even when the clouds are thick, gray, and everywhere.  But read on for more proof.

Actual Proof That Solar Panels Work When It’s Overcast

Did you know that Germany and Ontario are 3 of the most active solar markets in the world?  Neither of these regions are particularly well known for their sunshine.  After all, they’re both northerly, cold, and have moderate-to-high precipitation.

And yet, they continue to make headlines year after year – both in terms of installed solar capacity and in annual electricity savings.

In San Diego, we receive way way waaaay more sunshine:

  • We enjoy an average of 266 sunny days every year (which is why San Diego is such a great place to live)
  • We’re much closer to the equator (which means more direct sunlight than Ontario or Germany)

This is why Myth #4 is particularly silly.

For starters, it isn’t true.  Solar technology works great – even when it’s crazy cloudy.  But with 266 sunny days a year, Myth #4 is largely irrelevant in San Diego.

Ready to Put San Diego’s Sun to Work for You?

Solar energy is awesome.  Lower monthly electricity bills, smaller carbon footprint, high ROIs.  What’s not to like?

And in San Diego, these great benefits are greatly amplified – thanks to our enviable sunshine and awesome solar incentives.

Contact us today to learn how you can put San Diego’s sunshine to work for you.

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