Cost of Solar in San Diego
There are many different things to consider when going solar and a low cost is usually at the top of the list of most shoppers. Since many people choose solar because they want to save money, it is only logical that they want to save money on the cost of the installed cost of the system. The following will affect the cost of a San Diego Solar installation
  • The size of the system, the installed cost for your San Diego Solar install will go down proportional to the size. 
  • The brand of solar panels used in your San Diego solar system
  • The type of San Diego solar installation taking place (a ground mount or spanish tile installation will cost more then a composite shingle roof installation)
  • The difficulty of the San Diego solar installation, keep in mind that some installs are located in one array, while others require 2 or more. This is more materials which brings the cost up.
  • The most significant differential in costs between San Diego Solar Installers is their overhead and reputation. Many companies don’t care about their reputation and charge unconscionable prices, while other “large” installers are nothing but bloated companies and your hard earned money is going for plush salaries and large commissions for the many managers and salespeople. 
At Sunline Energy we have some of the lowest cost San Diego Solar Installations but we want to stress one thing. There are some companies who quote compromise on ethics in order to obtain business. This is unfair to the customer because they are often times given an apples to oranges comparison but told otherwise, it is not uncommon for shortcuts to be taken and the bare minimum be done to complete your installation. Don’t be a victim of a cheap installation, instead get a great value low cost installation from a reputable company with an A rating with the BBB. If  you would like more information about how to go solar simply fill out the form below or call 858-252-2280