Avoid San Diego Solar Installers Who Charge for Consultations
The vast majority of San Diego solar installers offer free consultations in which they’ll come to your property and evaluate your home’s or business’ solar potential.

At Sunline Energy – this free service is standard.

But every now and then, we come across San Diego solar installers who actually “charge” customers money for these visits.

It’s rare, but it happens.

We won’t call anyone out by name.  If that’s their business model, so be it.  No need to point fingers.

But really?  Charging money to tell someone whether or not they’d make a good solar customer.  That simply doesn’t make sense – financially or ethically.

Why Most San Diego Solar Installers Offer Free Consultations

We honestly can’t understand the rationale behind charging money upfront.  But we can explain why most solar installers make their consultations 100% free.

1.  Solar is a relatively misunderstood technology.  This is changing of course as more and more homeowners and businesses make the transition.  But by offering free consultations, we remove any potential barriers for those who are on the fence.

2.  Solar evaluations cost the installer nothing but time.  While it’s true that there is a monetary value to this time, most of us are happy to make the investment – if it means helping you better understand your solar options.

3.  Consultations are marketing tools.  More important, they provide an opportunity to establish new relationships with potential clients.  Why charge for that?  At Sunline Energy, we’re excited to get you excited.  We want to share our solar passion.  If anything, we should be paying you (although don’t hold your breath).

What to Expect from Your Free Solar Consultation

Each solar installer in San Diego has a slightly different approach.  But at Sunline Energy, this is what you can expect from your free solar consultation:

  • We’ll come to your home or business at some pre-arranged time
  • We’ll evaluate your property, including its solar exposure (i.e. how much sunlight it receives) and its structural integrity (i.e. how strong the roof is).  In some cases, it may make more sense to pursue a ground-mounted installation
  • We’ll analyze your current and future energy requirements to determine how large a system you need
  • We’ll draft a detailed solar proposal, complete with different installation and financing options

In addition, we’ll let you know about the payback periods, incentives, ROIs, and electricity bill savings attached to each of the different solar installations we recommend.

All of this is 100% free – with absolutely no obligation to ever move forward.  You can keep this proposal, trash it, or even compare it with proposals received from rival San Diego solar installers.

In other words, there’s zero risk to you.  And the potential benefits are huge.

Sound pretty good?  Then request a free solar consultation today.