Are You a Good Candidate for Solar?  Maybe Yes.  Maybe No. (Part 2)
Solar isn’t for everyone.  Sometimes there’s too much shading.  Often, the roof space is poorly laid out.

And still other times, the benefits and advantages aren’t enough to justify the investment.  The numbers simply don’t add up.

In Part 1 of “Are You a Good Candidate for Solar,” we looked at 2 of the biggest reasons why you should stay away from the technology:

1.  You don’t want to save money.  This is an important aspect of solar.  Once installed, your panels will help reduce your monthly electricity bill – sometimes to $0.  If this sounds unappealing, stay away from solar energy.

2.  You don’t want to help the environment.  Solar panels don’t emit pollution.  They harness clean sunshine and convert this into usable electricity for our homes and businesses.  If this sounds bad, then solar isn’t right for you.

Today, we’ll look at 3 more reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) embrace solar energy.

3.  Do You Want to Sell Your Home at a Discount?

Solar energy doesn’t simply help you save money.  It also helps you make money as well.  Homes with solar panels sell twice as quickly and at a much higher price.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), for every $1 in annual electricity savings that solar delivers, the property value of your home goes up another $20.

But hey, not everyone is interested in receiving top dollar for their homes.  Perhaps you enjoy leaving money on the table and helping prospective buyers find good deals.  If that sounds like you, then don’t click here.  Doing so could inadvertently put extra money in your pocket.

4.  Do You Enjoy Going to the Gas Station Constantly?

Trips to the filling station are an American tradition – especially in California (and especially in San Diego).

We’re car crazy.

But not everyone actually likes going to the gas station every 1-2 days.  They find waiting in line and paying increasingly large amounts of money to fill their gas-guzzlers to be a major pain.

These impatient folks often opt for electric vehicles (EVs) that don’t rely on expensive petrol.  Instead, EV owners use their solar panels to fully charge their cars.  The end result is:

  • No more gas station trips
  • No more pollution
  • No more wasting money

If you enjoy gas stations, then forget about solar.  But if you want to reduce or completely eliminate these constant trips to the filling station, let us know.

5.  Do You Enjoy Sending American Jobs Overseas?

The Petrol Revolution started in the US.  For a long time, states like Oklahoma and Texas were the “bread-basket” of the fossil fuel industry.  But then our reserves started drying up.  And new oil fields became harder to find.

Now, our gas comes from places like Canada, the Middle East, and South America.  This is great news for their economies.  We’re helping to create jobs.  And we’re also sending tons of money their way in the process.

Unfortunately, solar doesn’t do that.  Although some of the parts and components are shipped from overseas, the actual installation, maintenance, and power-generation are all local.

This means you’re creating new green jobs right here at home.  And you’re also reducing the amount of money we send overseas.

If that sounds like a terrible thing, then stick with grid electricity and gas-powered vehicles.  Canada and Saudi Arabia are depending on you.

So Are You a Good Candidate for Solar?

It’s time to ask yourself whether or not solar is right for you?

Based on our experience, the answer is “yes” (at least 90% of the time).  But we can’t speak for everyone in all situations.

  • Some folks aren’t impressed by the savings, earning potential, or green job creation that come with renewable power.
  • Others don’t have the right kinds of properties or rooftops to make solar energy viable.

In order to answer the question with absolute certainty, you should schedule a free appointment today and have our team evaluate your home’s or business’ solar power potential.  Thereafter, you can decide whether you’re a good fit for this awesome clean technology.

To schedule your free appointment today.