Are These San Diego Solar Power Myths Holding You Back, Part 9?

Welcome back to our ongoing series on some of the most popular San Diego solar power myths.  Today’s is a fun one that we love to hear (because it’s so easy to prove wrong).

The Myth: Going solar is a hassle.

Many homeowners and business owners believe that embracing solar technology is a pain.  And they’re worried about:

  • Having to make radical lifestyle changes
  • Ongoing maintenance, repairs, and cleaning
  • All the paperwork, processing, and set up

But are these fears grounded in reality?  Let’s review.

Does Going Solar Require Major Lifestyle Changes?

Actually, your life will change.  It’s true.

Get ready for the following:

  • You’ll have more money in your pocket every month (for the next 25 to 40 years)
  • You’ll live in a cleaner and greener neighborhood (as a result of less pollution)
  • You’ll leave a much smaller carbon footprint (and your grandkids will love you for it)

That’s about it.

Nothing else about your life will change.  All of your appliances and lights will work just the same.  You don’t have to sort through your trash and separate recyclables from non-recyclables (although you should).  You don’t have to get up any earlier in the morning.

Just a greener and wealthier lifestyle

Do Solar Panels Require a Lot of Maintenance?

With no moving parts and 25-year warranties, today’s solar panels are built to last.  Once installed on your rooftop, your photovoltaic (PV) system will continue generating clean electricity for decades.  Some installations even last 40 years or longer.

Repairs are very rare – and they are usually covered under equipment, workmanship, and performance guarantees.

Some San Diego solar power installers offer cleaning services as an add-on (we certainly do).  But honestly, solar panel cleaning is usually unnecessary.

It’s pretty much set it, forget it, and spend the remainder of your time trying to figure out how to spend all of the extra savings.

Isn’t the Solar Panel Installation Process a Hassle?

10 years ago, going solar was a hassle.  The industry was still relatively new, and most installers were kind of “feeling” their way around.

But today, going solar is actually easier than buying a car.  This is especially true with all of the free money and subsidies that local, state, and federal governments are prepared to give you to help with the process.

And if you pick the right installer, you won’t have to worry about any of the paperwork or processing.  At Sunline Energy, we handle all of the following, 100% on your behalf:

  • Permits, inspections, and all application forms
  • Incentives, tax credits, and enrolling in the net metering program

There are a few signatures here and there.  But for the most part, it’s a hands-off process.  One day you have grid electricity, and the next day you’re generating your own clean electricity on-site.  It’s as simple as that.

Do You Still Believe This Common San Diego Solar Power Myth?

Going solar is easy.  And at Sunline Energy, we make it even easier.

We’ll inspect your property, draft up a soul proposal, and present you with several different design options.  And then you can decide for yourself whether or not it makes sense to go solar.

We’re confident that you’ll make the right decision.
And be sure to tune in tomorrow when we explore Myth #10 in our ongoing series.