San Diego Solar System for Every Electric Vehicle on the Street?

San Diego has many solar incentives.  But our absolute favorite is net metering.  This free program makes it easier to reduce your monthly electricity bills to $0 – we see this happen every day.

But we really love net metering because it allows your San Diego solar system to push your utility bill past the $0 mark.  It’s possible to receive negative electricity bills (you read that correctly).

When you have negative electricity bills, you have to figure out creative ways to use up those credits (unfortunately, the utility company doesn’t give you cash).

What many people do is buy electric vehicles (EVs) to make optimal use of those extra utility bill credits.  In fact, 40% of California EV owners have solar PV systems installed on their properties for that very reason.

These lucky individuals save on electricity costs, which is great.  But they also save on gas, which is even better.

But one of the main challenges of EV ownership is charging your car whenever you’re away from home.

There are refueling stations throughout California, but it takes some effort to find them.  You have to really plan out your day in advance using interactive maps like this.

It can be a pain, which is why some San Diego solar power customers opt for hybrid vehicles instead.  They’re more convenient since you can use gas or solar electricity.

However, our good friends at Envision have just launched an innovative program that could resolve all of this.

Your San Diego Solar System + Envision = Major Win

Rather than build a network of permanent EV charging stations throughout California, Envision has developed portable solar-powered stations that municipalities can move around – based on demand.  You’ll soon see these bad boys on city streets, parking lots, and retail outlets all over San Diego.

According to Envision’s chief executive, Desmond Wheatley, “You can deploy [these chargers] in 5 minutes.”

That’s pretty darn fast.  And at Sunline Energy, we’re thrilled by the news.  Tiny (or perhaps major) improvements like these make going solar easier and easier for San Diego customers.

If you’ve been on the fence about buying an EV, we hope that this new initiative changes your mind.

And if you’ve been on the fence about going solar, we’re here to simplify the decision-making process.  Request a free solar quote from our expert installation team today – and we’ll walk you through the costs and savings.

We’re 100% confident that we can sway you in the right direction.  The financial and environmental benefits of going solar are impossible to ignore.  And as the price of gas and grid electricity continue to go up, that “sales pitch” only becomes easier.

Request your free Sunline Energy inspection today!  We look forward to meeting you soon.