In this day in age, companies are expected to take party and engage in practices and policies that will help the environment. Being environmentally friendly can potentially help bring in new customers to your business. It helps set your company apart as an organization that cares about the environment more than the bottom line. Not only is this true, but actually helping the environment can help your business save big money. Going green is a super effective business strategy that can help your business grow. We have listed 4 ways you can lower your carbon foot print.


One way to become an-ecofriendly company, is to be mindful of your waste. Recycling is a great solutions. Instead of having all of your waste sent to a landfill, give it a chance to be reused. You can advertise at your company that you care about the environment by putting out a sign. There is a great chance that you can make a little bit of money by selling certain recyclable items such as metal and glass. You should also think about buying recyclable materials such as notebooks, bamboo utensils, environmental friendly cleaners.


There are several small changes that your business can take that will come a long way in helping the environment. Make sure that everyone in your company is aware that you would like to go green. Make it a policy that all electronic devices should be switched off towards the end of the day. One way to do so is installing electronic sensor light, so you won’t have to worry about the devices being left on. Installing LED lights also help with energy bills and are a short term expense, but a great investment. Starting small and working towards bigger changes is the best way to go. Consider all aspects of your business and all the potentials changes you can do to make a difference.

Solar Energy

Installing solar energy panels for your business will have the biggest impact on your business carbon footprint. Instead of being reliant on fossil fuel to power your business, solar energy is more reliable and entirely renewable. It’s a a great selling point for your company and you should think about featuring it on your website and all promotional resources. You can even make money by selling excess energy back to the grid! You should really thin about contacting a reputable solar energy company such as Sunline Energy.

Environmental Coordinator

Once you are ready to take bigger steps and reduce your business’s carbon footprint, you should consider hiring an environmental coordinator. The employee could dedicate their time and efforts towards finding all of the best ways to help your company become more eco-conscious, improve your brand, and lower your costs. If you currently can’t afford to hire a new worker, you can always train an existing employee. Find an employee that truly cares about the topic and global warming. It’s a great way to ensure that the policies they put in places will truly make a positive change.

Hold an e-Waste Event

With more electronics being used more than half aren’t being disposed properly. Holding an e-waste event can get your business noticed and let people know that you are serious about being environmentally friendly. The best way is to have a couple of bins in your office and have people drop off their electronic devices. Once collected you can have someone drop off the electronics at a recycling location near you or have them be picked up.