5 Important Questions to Ask before You Choose a San Diego Solar Installer

Choosing your San Diego Solar Installer to build a solar system is not an easy process. There are many great companies but there are some bad apples as well. San Diego Solar Installation should be a quick and easy process if you are dealing with a company who only does solar.

Below are a list of questions to as your San Diego Solar Contractor prior to going solar in San Diego.

1. “How many systems has your company installed?”

Due to the recent spike in solar panel installations, and the decrease in other construction-related businesses, many roofers, fencers, and builders are attempting to get in the San Diego solar installation business.

Companies with no solar experience and without proper solar installation knowledge. Look for a reputable installer with at least 50  installations and as many references. Make sure the installers have the proper knowledge, and you should be provided with a copy of the plans prior to installation.

2. “Is the warranty on my solar panels 25 years?”

Most solar panels on the market are high-quality and will have a guaranteed output of not less than 90% after 10 years and no less than 80% after 25 years. Any brand panel should have this warranty, whether it’s made in China, Germany, or America.

We work with a few companies with Linear Warranties which could be advantageous depending on your long term goals. Make sure your contractor listens to what you are looking for and present you with a couple options.

3. “Do you provide a production guarantee as a contractor?”

Make sure that the company who builds your solar system will guarantee a minimum production or you are paying for guesswork. Any reputable company should put in writing the minimum production your system will produce and pay the difference if the system under produces electricity.

At Sunline Energy we provide a minimum annual production guarantee which allows you to invest in solar without worrying about your system not performing.

4. “How many kilowatt-hours will the system produce the first year?”

This is arguably the most important factor in comparing solar electric systems (other than price, of course). If you have solar panels warranted for 25 years regardless of the brand of panels you choose for your solar installation they all generate electricity.

Some are  more efficient then others which means you would require less panels. The biggest concern you  should have when going Solar in San Diego is how much energy are your panels expected to produce in a year. Many times the cheaper, “less efficient” solar panels will produce more energy in a year at a better price than the pricier, “more efficient” solar panels.

When warranties are the same, output is the money-maker, not brand or efficiency. There are a couple exceptions to this rule but generally you should find the best value for your money. At Sunline Energy we will shop for you on your behalf to find you the best deal on great panels at the lowest price to go solar in San Diego.

5. “How much will it cost? (…after parts, labor, installation and rebates)?”

Don’t compare the cost of the panels exclusively, or the labor exclusively. Compare the bottom-line cost after rebates and tax credits. Whoever can give you the most output (kWh/year) at the best price, is the company you should chose.

Since most companies have commissioned sales people come out to your house to “sell you solar” you might be pressured to make a snap decision. At Sunline Energy you deal directly with the owners of the company and are given a rock bottom price with a guaranteed production.

If you would like more information or a free guide to going solar or if you would like more information about hiring a solar contractor in San Diego with all five star yelp reviews request a quote or give us a call at (858) 252-2280.