Questions To Ask Before You Buy Solar

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    Going solar is a big investment and it’s very important for you to ask the right questions when thinking about hiring a solar company.

    Solar Panel from Sunline Energy on a residential roof

    • What is the estimated kWh production of my system monthly and annually where the system is installed
    • What will be the estimated solar electricity production during the best and worst production months?
    • Will the company or the solar manufacturer service or maintain the solar system, in case the system fails? Many companies have their own service departments so it’s important to ask. Your best bet is to go local
    • Make sure you understand what responsibilities each party has. This includes the installers, manufactures and you as a consumer
    • Who is responsible for connecting your solar PV system to the grid? WIll the company utilize subcontractors for the installation? How long will the permit process take?
    • Who will be responsible for the meter change? Quality installation companies will usually take care of the whole process from permits, installation, net metering switch and service.

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