Solar Before Summer
Summer is the most popular time for people to look into getting set-up with a solar energy system. Typically this coincides with when the first large electrical bill hits in late May or early June. Afterwards homeowners look for ways to alleviate this pain, with the clear answer being to go solar. What they didn’t...
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St. Petersburg green pledge
Florida is America’s official “Sunshine State.” But when it comes to solar power, it ranks pretty low on the list.
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A microgrid is essentially a localized electricity grid that draws energy from nearby power sources like solar, wind, and geothermal. Although these microgrids are often connected to the larger utility network, they can also disconnect and operate autonomously. Anyone within that local network will continue receiving reliable electricity – even if the rest of the...
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Earlier this week, we covered a developing story in Florida. State utilities are desperately trying to pass a new amendment that would make it harder for area residents to go solar affordably. And this trend isn’t limited to the Sunshine State. All over the country, utilities are fighting tooth and nail to retard renewable energy...
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