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Answering a Few Simple Questions Could Save You Thousands Annually Despite the recent implementation of Solar Tariffs at the start of the year, the Solar Energy Industry is still in the midst of a massive growth spurt. Over the last decade installations have grown from just 7.7 gigawatts a year to over 100 gigawatts annually....
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Solar energy is great.  We love it.  And a growing number of San Diego residents and business owners love it as well. Once installed on your rooftop, your panels not only lower your monthly electricity bills (sometimes to $0), but they also reduce the world’s reliance on dirtier forms of energy. But despite the many...
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Mr. Sanchez had a bit of sticker shock when he moved into his new house and discovered that his electricity bill was consistently over $200. He knew that in the long term, solar was the best option to take control of his future and reduce his dependency on SDG&E. After meeting with many companies, Mr. Sanchez chose Sunline Energy...
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Ross M. has been environmentally cautious his whole life. He realizes that it is our responsibility to take care of the earth. One thing that Ross wanted to do was reduce his dependence on dirty energy from the local utility when he could harvest the natural energy of the sun. The experts at Sunline helped...
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