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Solar Energy Growth Easily Outpaces Fossil Fuels   The solar industry in the United States has achieved staggering growth over the last decade. Despite the rapid market expansion the United States produces only 2% of the country’s electricity through solar power. This growth is not showing any signs of stopping though; in fact, it appears...
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American solar wouldn’t be where it is today without incentives. Thanks to state-level net metering programs and the federal solar investment tax credit, homeowners and businesses rarely have to pay full price for their PV installations. And that’s a good thing. These subsidies have helped solar growth over the past several years. Just the federal...
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Every day, we receive scores of questions from San Diego homeowners and businesses all over the County – usually about things such as: What incentives are available (click here)? How do I finance my solar installation (read more)? How much does solar energy cost (take a guess)? But the other day, we received a new...
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The recession is officially over, and the unemployment rate now stands at 6.7%. That’s pretty good.  Not great – especially if you recently graduated from college and can’t find a job.  But it’s much better than where we were 6 years ago. There are many ways to explain this rebound.  But one area of the...
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