Solar energy
Going solar isn’t just about saving money (though there is plenty to be saved). It’s also about being energy-independent and more in control of your home. The growing desire among consumers to be free from the tyranny of utility companies is nothing new. Luckily for all of us, solar energy has rapidly given homeowners an...
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A fight over the future of energy in Arizona has already cost over $50 million. And the struggle show no signs of slowing down. As part of the southwestern sunbelt, Arizona is the ideal state for harnessing the power of solar energy. Yet the State gets only 6 percent of its energy from the sun....
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Sunline Solar Fossil Fuels
Solar Energy Growth Easily Outpaces Fossil Fuels   The solar industry in the United States has achieved staggering growth over the last decade. Despite the rapid market expansion the United States produces only 2% of the country’s electricity through solar power. This growth is not showing any signs of stopping though; in fact, it appears...
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Climate change skeptics love to criticize renewable power sources like solar, wind, and geothermal. They often claim that green energy simply doesn’t work, citing huge failures like Solyndra as prime examples. These critics conveniently ignore major fossil fuel disasters like the Exxon Valdez or Deepwater Horizon. But we digress. Climate change skeptics are free to...
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Last week, we covered a story about the political divide over global warming. According to an exhaustive study by the Pew Research Center: Liberal Democrats overwhelmingly believe that climate change is happening and represents a serious threat. Conservative Republicans feel the exact opposite is true – i.e. climate change doesn’t exist. This survey doesn’t apply...
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