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Could Widespread Residential Solar Change the Landscape of Renewable Energy?   What are the capabilities of Solar Energy? What are its limits? How much power could it generate? The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory has answers to these questions from a recent Federal Study. Solar energy production is determined by a number of factors. These include the...
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California’s renewable energy mandate is one of the most ambitious in the country. By 2020, state utilities have been ordered to generate at least 33% of their electricity from clean power sources. This mandate is ambitious – but also very achievable. SDG&E has basically already reached its goal 6 years early. SCE and PG&E aren’t...
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Call it thought leadership.  Call it corporate social responsibility (CSR).  But when you go solar in San Diego, something truly magical happens: As a homeowner, you signal to neighbors that you care about the community.  You are a responsible and involved steward of the environment.  You’ve taken an important step forward and become part of...
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