Battery Storage

Why Storage

Installing solar on your home is an obvious solution to reducing utility costs and being environmentally conscious. However, as the sun doesn’t shine all the time, this creates gaps in utility services. In order to keep the lights on at night your home will need to pull energy from the utility grid it’s connected to.

Most homes pull the majority of their power from the grid after sunset, when solar panels aren’t producing energy. This allows utility companies to institute “Time Of Use” (TOU) rates which bill customers at a higher rate for using energy during these “peak” hours.

For many customers this isn’t ideal. They want the flexibility to save excess energy generated for later use. This means they can decide when they use their energy and aren’t subject to the pricing whims of utility companies, giving them far greater control over how much their electricity costs are.

Benefits of

Solar Panels putting power on the SDEG grid
Expensive utility bills in California
Sunshine powering solar battery

Time-Based Control

Gain complete control of what you are billed for by bypassing “Time of Use” (TOU) rates. Now rate changes made by your utility company have little to no effect regarding when you choose to use energy. And when there isn’t as much solar energy available (or at all) you won’t be reliant on them to power your home at whatever costs they decide. Seize control of your usage with a battery and exude far greater control over your energy costs.

Self Powered

When you go solar you send excess energy generated by your system back to the grid throughout the day. In exchange your utility company compensates you based on the value of the power at the time in which you produced it. Customers with a home battery have the ability to sell power back to the utility company when rates are high and use power in the evenings when rates are low. Get complete control of your energy so your utility company can no longer unfairly manipulate the pricing exchange.

Back-Up Power

If you have solar panels at your house but do not have a battery, during a grid outage your solar system will automatically shut down leaving you in the dark. The reason your system would shut down is to prevent a lineman from getting electrocuted while working on the grid to restore power. In order to keep your system producing energy while the power is out you will need the addition of a battery. A battery creates a closed loop system that will keep your system working, providing your home with power for extended periods. Install a battery to make certain you have all the tools necessary to keep you and your family safe from power outages no matter the circumstances.



What Size Are They? Typically batteries aren’t much larger then a small bookshelf or children’s dresser.
Where Are They Installed? Most batteries are install inside the garage, but some can be installed on the exterior as well.
Does The Battery Make Noise? They are incredibly quiet and don’t make any discernable sound unless standing directly near the unit.
Is It Safe? Yes. The batteries we carry are designed and constructed with the highest standards to prevent thermal runaways.
How Long Do They Last? Most come with a 10 year warranty, but with the proper care they can continue to provide value for years after the warranty ends. Once the warranty ends your battery will be diminished by approximately 20%-40% of its original capacity – this doesn’t mean it ceases to operate, just that it will retain a reduced charge compared to when it was initially installed.

Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – If your battery is charged from solar then it’s eligible for this federal tax credit, which is currently 26%. This Tax Credit will be further reduced to 22% starting in 2021. Now is the time to act by getting the maximum tax credit you deserve.

Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) – California residents could get eligible for an additional state rebate. This program is currently closed for SDG&E customers but is expected to re-open again sometime in 2020. Customers would be able to retroactively apply once the program opens.


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