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    Residential Solar Case Study

    Can installing a solar energy system really make an impact on your energy bill? We have a case study to give you an idea. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

    The Type of Structure and Property

    Residential Home
    1,563 square feet
    San Diego, CA

    Challenges to Overcome

    The Evan’s Family saw their energy prices continue to climb, it has reached $540. To save money they decided solar power was the best solution for their energy needs. By using EverVolt Black Series. Sunline was able to design a system for the best solution for their needs.

    Customer Request or Unique Challenges
    The Evan’s were concerned about roof constraint, aesthetics and their homeowner’s association (HOA) guidelines.
    Quote From Evan's Family

    Solar in San Diego is no brainer. I love my Panasonic panels and all the money I’m saving.

    Results from Installing a Solar Energy System

    The Panasonic EverVolt Black Series with their black frame modules, size and Enphase microinverters were the perfect solution. The Evan’s system can produce 1,260 kilowatt hours of electricity per month. That’s approximately 75% of their average monthly usage. This will reduce CO2 emission by at least 263 tons annually.

    Other Information

    They reported that in their first month of generating clean solar electricity, the Hays family reduced their bill to $132. Solar energy was a great way to take control of their high electricity bill and as well as minimize their impact on the environment.

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