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    Read some of our customer testimonials from homeowners and business owners switched to a solar energy system. From customers, performance and savings, find out why Sunline Energy is the top rated solar company.



    Before going solar we did plenty of research and made several appointments from different solar companies. We choose Sunline for several reasons. One of them is how knowledgeable our consultant Chris was. He was super thorough  and answered every question my wife and I had. The price was right on point and we were happy they had the solar panels we had been looking at. Everyone we dealt with was very nice and helpful. The job was completed within the time frame and now we are saving so much money. I want to thank everyone for an amazing job. We love our solar energy system.

    Jason W.

    I always thought that solar would be too expensive and out of my budget but after talking to a friend who installed solar for their home and their business I decided to take a closer look. They referred me to sunline and they have been nothing but great. They provided me with all the information to make the best decision on what solar panels to get. On top of that I was able to receive my 26% tax credit, which brought the price a lot lower. I’m not only saving a lot of money but I’m also helping the planet. I wish more people would consider going solar.

    Ceci A.

    Solar by far was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I bought my first home and didn’t realize how expensive electricity would get. I was seeing anywhere from $175-250 a month. It was a huge jump from living in an apartment. I wasn’t even able to enjoy my AC during the heat waves because I didn’t want to spend the money. After seeing my neighbors installing their solar systems from sunline I had a little chat and asked them about their solar system and how much they saved. They were very happy with their system and with sunline with the service they received. I had a phone estimate and my estimator had all the answers. I chose the LG panels and as soon as I signed my contract they took care of everything. From the San Diego city permits to my HOA’s I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Once my system was designed for me I approved it and they got back to work with setting up my installation date. The process took about 2 days and once inspection passed my system was turned on. Now I pay nothing for my electricity, best part is that I can now run my AC as much as I want without having to worry about a high energy bill. Thanks sunline for saving me so much money!

    Jake T.

    I highly recommend Sunline for your solar needs. They did a fantastic job every step of the way. We had done some research on the various types of panels and inverters but after our consultation we just went with what our solar consultant Matthew had suggested. More production for the same price of the panels we were looking for. Matthew’s communication was great and responded promptly to our questions.
    We also decided to hire them to do our roof, I was surprised they even had a roofing license but just like their solar service I was very happy. Their solar and roofing comes with a warranty as well. Both crews were great as soon as they got to my home they got to work and were done right on time. If you are looking for a solar company that will get the job done right, then hire sunline!

    Gregg W.

    This review is long overdue. I’ve had solar for 5 years and it’s by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for my home. Like our solar estimator Matthew said “solar is not just a purchase but an investment”. At first we really didn’t think much of it but the more we have our solar energy system the more we are starting to see it. We are saving so much money and after seeing the price hikes sdge has charged in the past 3 years that really adds up. The total for my energy bill is $0 dollars but because of the pandemic we did end up going over our usual usage. However, it wasn’t by much, about $30 for 3 months. If you are on the fence I highly suggest calling sunline, they went through everything and exactly how solar works. They are super knowledgeable and friendly.

    Mike R.

    Sunline Energy really is one of the best solar companies! I wanted to expand my system since I had my parents moved in and we are going over our limit. I had originally purchased the system from a competitor but I wasn’t too thrilled with their services. I shopped around and they kept coming up and I decided to get a bid. I was very happy with our estimator, he knew a lot about solar panels and suggested a couple of them. I went with the LG. They worked with our existing panels and they got the job done right and fast. Their communication was great and they informed about the process and what to expect from them. The installation team was there on time and got right to work. They left the place clean and it took about a day. I wish I had of gone with them the first time around.

    Wow! If I knew how much money I would be saving with solar, I would of done it a lot sooner. We were averaging about $250-350 a month  on our SDG&E bill. It was a lot higher during the summer days when  we were running our AC. We chose Sunline for our solar and was very pleased with the products, service and outcome. We decided to go with LG solar panels and they have been working great. The install went smoothly and now we only pay about $15 a month on our utility bill. It has saved us so much money! We plan to do an expansion very soon and add a battery to no longer have to pay SDG&E. I highly recommend sunline.

    Kat D.

    You get what you paid for. That is a statement that is very true and that I learned the hard way. I was interested in solar and received 3 quotes from 3 different companies. It was between Sunline and another company. I liked sunline and thought their pricing was pretty reasonable but I made a bad choice and picked the cheaper company thinking I could save some money. I thought that all solar panels were the same and all worked the same way. Boy was I wrong. After getting my solar installed with the other company (this was 8 years ago) everything was going fine until 2 years after my installation. I started to have a lot of issues. My solar would stop communicating and I ended up paying a lot for my electricity. I called the other company constantly and they never cared about my issues. They eventually went out of business and I had to search for a different company. I remembered how much I liked sunline and decided to give them a call. They helped me right away and told me that I had solar panels that were no longer producing and were worthless. I replaced most of my system with better solar panels and haven’t had an issue since. Mike and his team always took my calls and I always heard back from them promptly. I’m never making that mistake ever again.

    Vlad K.

    Sunline Energy did my roofing and my solar and they all get an A+ from me. I found them online and set up an appointment really quick. My solar consultant asked me a few questions and took a look at my roof. Unfortunately, my roof was pretty old and they suggested a new roof. I thought everything was going to be super expensive but it wasn’t. Their price for both was a great deal and I really couldn’t pass it up. They have pretty good financing options and I found one perfect for me and my budget. Having a new roof has actually made a difference. I’ve noticed it’s more energy efficient and I don’t have to run my AC or heater as much as before. So if you are looking for smart ways to save with a company that knows their stuff, sunline is the place.

    Christy V.

    4 years since my installation and I’m very happy with the solar energy system and sunline’s customer service. I had to have them come out and do a service, they were prompted and got it fixed within a week. The solar panels I had installed are still producing more than 95%. If you are serious about installing solar for your home or business, give sunline a call. They are great and really do know their stuff.

    Tania J.

    This is for my review for the tesla powerwall as well as their service. As my mom is getting older I decided to move her with me, unfortunately she has been dealing with serious medical conditions that require her to use equipment. Our home is in a fire zone, so that is a concern as we often go through rolling blackouts. If we go through a blackout there is no way my moms appliances would be connected. We figured out best option was getting tesla powewalls. The company that I had originally hired to install my solar panes went out of business and I had to find another one. Yelp was a great tool to find Sunline. We met with various solar estimators and Chris came in the same price as other companies. However, I really like Chris, he wasn’t pushy and gave us our space to make our decision, he was very knowledgeable as well. The reviews also helped make our decision. Once we signed the contract they got straight to work, as another person mentioned what takes a while is pulling the permits. As soon as it was approved they got rolling. We had 3 tesla Powerwall’s installed and we can tell the powerwalls what to connect to. My mom can have her medical equipment running for an extra day. Which is great because it gives us extra time to make other arrangements if we need to. It’s a great investment and well worth it. If you are looking for one of the best solar companies in San Diego, I’m telling you call sunline. They are great! they are quality, they have amazing customer service.


    Fire season in San Diego is not fun for me and my family. We have had several blackouts and one of them lasted a couple of days. It’s been a total nightmare. I knew there had to be something we could do to protect us from the blackouts besides using generators. After doing some research, I learned about the Tesla powerwalls. We reached out to at least 5 solar companies, sunline energy was the clear choice for us. All of our questions and concerns were answered during our estimate and after. We decided on a solar panel system from REC and 4 powerwalls. Everything was installed within a couple of months and when the fire season hit in 2020 we were so happy we went solar and added the powerwalls. I no longer have an SDG&E bill and when the blackouts happened we weren’t affected by them. Our home can run off the powerwalls for a couple of days. They power all of our home from the internet, lights, fridge and other appliances. If you deal with blackouts like me, do yourself a favor and add powerwalls. You won’t regret it.

    Dan C.

    Installing a solar energy system is a big investment, and you shouldn’t just pick any company. Before calling for my estimate I did research on various companies. I liked sunline because they had a lot of 5 star reviews on yelp, google business and other solar websites. I also saw that they are San Diego based company, supporting local businesses is a big deal for me since I myself am a business owner. They have also been in business for more than 10 years and if you do your research you will quickly find out that many solar companies don’t last more than 3 years. My solar estimator was Joe and he was very knowledgeable, I told him exactly what I was looking for and he pointed me to the right solar panels. I wanted to energy dependent and I got a pretty decent size system with a couple of solar batteries. I must say I’m impressed. My energy bill is $0 and if my power goes out, it will switch to my solar battery system. I am now in works of installing a solar system for my businesses.

    Juan Carlos P.

    It’s been about 2 years since I installed solar for my home and it has held up very well. I decided to go solar when SDGE increased their price in 2019. My family and I were going to move into a bigger home and knew we were going to pay double of what we were use to. After closing on our new home we called 3 solar companies. Sunline Energy was one of them . Overall we had a good experiences with the companies but sunline was the company that stood out to us. They seemed to ask the right questions and gave us a lot of information. Our new place was in EL Cajon and that meant experiencing rolling blackouts during Santa Ana winds or fires. We wanted to be prepared. The new home also had a 10 year old roof and we wanted to get that fixed. So overall we did a whole new roof, 45 solaria solar panels and 3 powerwalls. I was very surprised at the price. It was very reasonable. The solar federal tax was also a great help in saving us money! The installations went pretty smoothly and I didn’t even have to worry about the permits, they took care of all that the whole process took about 21/2 months. Also, a lot of companies hire contractors but sunline doesn’t which is great. No middle man and less room for mistakes. I am super happy with my solar and batteries. I pay nothing to SDGE. When it comes to blackouts we don’t even notice it, the batteries work seamlessly and are very quite. If you are thinking about solar do so! You won’t regret it. In the long run you will save so much money, it’s a no brainer.

    Juan Carlos P.

    Definitely one of the best solar companies in San Diego CA! They have gone above and beyond and I’m so grateful. I got 5 quotes from various companies our estimator Eric was thorough and explained everything from Permits to how NET metering works and he didn’t put any pressure. Some of the other companies tried to make us sign an agreement right on the spot without letting us explore other options. We signed the agreement and once we had our system installed we passed all of our expectations and the system was turned on. On the third day we stopped seeing any production and called sunline right away. Their service department had a busy schedule but they were so awesome and still were able to fit us right in and fix the issue asap.


    Some Of the Services You Get When You Search Solar Companies Near Me

    • Residential solar system installation.
    • Commercial solar system installation.
    • Solar panel leak repair and replacement services.
    • Solar panel repair services.
    • Installation of critter guards.
    • Inspections & audits of high electricity bills.
    • Maintenance, repairing and monitoring roofing and solar services.

    San Diego Solar Company Near Me

    In addition to its Mediterranean climate and miles of pristine beaches, San Diego is known as America’s Finest City. The County of San Diego is a great location for solar energy panels with abundant sunshine and clear skies nearly year-round and a politically inclined climate that favors solar power and other environmentally friendly initiatives.

    San Diego was named the solar capital of the United States in 2012 and again in 2020. Over 5,000+ solar energy systems have been installed in San Diego and Orange County by Sunline Energy. The number of solar panels installed around San Diego County is impressive. To read more solar testimonials view it here

    Search Solar Company Near Me Customer Testimonials

    Sunline Energy Your San Diego Solar Energy Company

    Sunline Energy is a proven leader among San Diego solar energy providers. A native of San Diego, Matthew Margolin founded the company in 2012.

    A few years ago, there were only a hundred solar power installations in San Diego. With Sunline Energy, we were one of those few solar energy companies. Across Southern California, we’re leading a solar energy revolution, helping businesses and homeowners create their own solar energy and break away from the utility grid.

    Sunline Energy is one of the top-rated solar companies in San Diego County. The fact that we rank among the top solar company in San Diego is a great honor to us.

    San Diego Solar Energy Office

    Sunline Energy is headquartered in San Diego, in the Miramar area. All of San Diego County is served by our highly skilled and professional solar installation team of state-licensed electricians. Compared to any other solar power company in the county, our San Diego solar power crews have installed a lot more systems.

    Here at Sunline Energy, service, installation, and equipment are all our top priorities. We are proud of our stellar track record. That’s a record of outstanding customer service excellence you can rely on. We serve all of San Diego County, thanks to our centrally located office and highly skilled and experienced solar energy technicians. Sunline Energy is growing along with San Diego’s demand for solar power systems.

    Quality Solar Panel Systems

    Our high standards for hiring and installing quality solar energy products are the result of a long-lasting relationship with our customers: cost-effective and energy-efficient solar systems that deliver the best results. A wide range of projects has been completed including commercial projects. With these so many home and commercial owners trusting us to handle their large-scale projects, you can feel confident that your job will be handled similarly, with quality assurance processes and high-quality products.

    Video Installation

    Scott Mosteller
    Scott Mosteller
    Matt and his team are amazing! Yucca Valley is a bit of a ways but the team didn't hesitate to come out here and do my system. I went with a 7.4kv system and it looks incredible! The inspector from my town came and took a look and he said it was flawless. Everything he needed was there. The wire management was perfect and extremely impressive. Thank you so much Matt, would highly recommend!
    Allen Rachel
    Allen Rachel
    If you are concerned about which contractor to use for Solar, Sunline is the one to choose. From the owner, Matt, to Gerry, Liz, Alex and Jurickson , Chris Brown said they were the best. He was right on. Hard to find a business with integrity in this field. Luckly, I did
    Joseph Holmstrom
    Joseph Holmstrom
    We had Sunline install our 13 panel system at the end of 2021. Amazing customer service, very clear explanations of how the system would work and they kept us up to date as the project progressed. They made the entire process extremely easy. I cannot recommend them enough for your solar project.
    J S
    J S
    Quality workmanship, professional, responsive to support needs. I am very pleased with my installation and the support I have received so far.
    Fred Powell
    Fred Powell
    Sunline delivered from start to finish and has been trouble free for two years of service. I would not hesitate to recommend Sunline to anyone looking for rooftop solar.