What Are the Most Popular Solar Incentives in San Diego?

Solar Power IncentivesIf you wanted to install solar panels 15 years ago, you were on your own.  There was very little government support, and you had to pay for the installation entirely out-of-pocket.

But with worsening climate change and rising utility rates, global governments have begun backing green energy.  And thankfully, there are now tons of solar incentives in San Diego (and the rest of the world).

  • Some of these solar incentives are highly regional – like the programs offered exclusively in nearby Chula Vista.
  • And still others are national – available for everyone in the US.

Thanks to these incentives, now no one pays full price for solar.  When you combine all of these programs together, it’s possible to reduce the upfront (and long-term) cost of a new PV system by 50% or more.

Below are 3 of the most popular solar incentives available in sunny San Diego.

1.  The Federal Tax Credit

With the solar federal tax credit (FTC), you’re allowed to claim a 30% deduction on your annual tax statement in the same year that your solar PV panels become operational.  Since 2006, this highly successful solar incentive has helped increase the number of PV installations by a whopping 1600%.

To learn more about the solar federal tax credit, click here.

2.   The Net Metering Program

With California’s net metering program, you’re able to sell excess solar electricity to the local utility company – at a profit.  Thanks to this incentive, many homeowners throughout San Diego are surprised to receive a $0 electricity bill every month.  Some lucky solar customers even receive negative electricity bills.

Whereas the federal tax credit is a one-time deduction, net metering is an ongoing program that you can use indefinitely.  Not surprisingly, it is one of the most popular (and contested) solar incentives in California.

To learn more about net metering, click here.

3.  The California Solar Rebate

Under the California solar rebate program, customers receive cash (i.e. actual money) after installing their PV systems.  We’re talking about a legitimately “free” lunch.

The exact payout varies – depending on the size of your installation and how early in the program you joined.

California’s solar rebate program has run out of money (more than once).  And it has also made miraculous comebacks.  But as of right now, the program is no longer giving out rebates.  This could change in the future, but don’t hold your breath.  Because solar is becoming more and more affordable every year, incentives like the rebate program are becoming increasingly less necessary.

To learn more about the California solar rebate program, click here.

Act Now – Solar Incentives in San Diego Expire All the Time

Why did we include the rebate program in our list of popular solar incentives?  After all, it has basically expired (at least for the time being).

We included it to highlight the temporary nature of solar incentives.  They start off with tons of funding, but the money goes fast.  Over time, they get scaled back – either undergoing major changes or disappearing altogether.

The lesson?

The best time to go solar is right now.  No one can say for certain whether the federal tax credit or net metering will be around tomorrow.  So if you want to take advantage of the free handouts (and avoid paying full price for your solar installation), you need to get moving ASAP.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you get started.  Contact us today for a free solar consultation, and will walk you through all of the relevant incentives available in San Diego.

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