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    Are you a homeowner or business owner that wants to go solar in Alpine, CA? No matter the time of year, it’s always the perfect time to go solar! Why? Because Alpine gets so much sun throughout the year. The more productive times is during the summer when you can get 15 hours of sunshine, so why not make the sun work for you and help pay your bills? San Diego has been named a top solar city for 5 years in a row. With the sun shining constantly in Southern California everyone should take advantage of it. Solar power offers big savings in the long run and Sunline Energy is committed to design you with the perfect solar energy system. We want to make sure you are maximizing your saving while helping reduce your carbon footprint.


    ground mount Alpine, CA

    Perfect Place for Solar

    One of the things that Alpine is known for is for it’s long summer hot days and cool winter nights. Alpine homeowners constantly use their air conditioning and heater since they experience a big difference in temperature yearly. If you are one of those homeowners that uses your AC and heater system, we highly recommend thinking about installing solar for your home or business. A quality solar energy system will reduce or eliminate your bills drastically and you can run your AC/heater whenever you want without worrying about rising energy bills. Not many cities are lucky to have enough sunshine throughout the day like Alpine. So take advantage and invest in solar. You can also take advantage of the open areas and do a ground mount saving you even more money. If you produce more energy than you use, you can sell it back to your local utility company.

    Go Local When Installing Solar in Alpine, CA

    Sunline Energy has been serving the Alpine community for over 10 years. We strive to provide our customers with quality solar energy panels at the best prices. When you decide to hire a local you will also be hiring a company that knows that area and is familiar with important things like HOA regulations, zoning and permits specifically to your system. There’s a chance that a national company won’t be as familiar and can delay your install or even worse fail inspection. For this and many more reasons it’s important to think about hiring a local Alpine solar company like Sunline Energy.

    Our employees are familiar with the Alpine area since we have installed over 3,000+ panels. From ground mounds to roof mounds we have done it all. If you are ready to go solar, contact us today. Our solar consultant will go over everything including an energy assessment and questions to provide you with the very best solar and service options for your home or business.

    Common Solar Energy Questions in Alpine, CA

    Will I qualify for a Federal Tax Credit?

    Homeowners are eligible for the Energy Tax Credit. For more information please visit

    Can you really save money with solar energy?

    Yes, on average in Alpine homeowners save about $1,500 per year. This means that you will save $37,500 within 25 years.

    Can you really save money with solar energy?

    Yes, on average Alpine homeowners save about $1,500 per year. This means that you will save $37,500 within 25 years.

    How long will my solar panels last?

    Quality Solar Panels will last anywhere between 25-30 years. Most solar panels will come with a 25 year warranty that covers workmanship and production.

    How many solar panels will I need?

    To completely eliminate your energy bill it will take anywhere from 20-30 solar panels. It depends on the brand and your energy goals.

    Why Sunline Energy?

    Sunline Energy has quickly become one of the best solar companies in San Diego and Alpine, CA. We strive for top customer satisfaction by offering our customers the best solar solutions for their home or business.