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    Best Solar Company in Carlsbad, CA

    Carlsbad is one of the best places to live from it’s beaches, LEGOLAND and the flower fields. Without a doubt the area has many great outdoor activities with plenty of sunshine. That’s why when it comes to adding a solar energy system for your Carlsbad, CA home or business it’s one of the best investments you can make. More and more Carlsbad homeowners are realizing the significant amount of money they can save and make their contribution to reduce carbon footprints by simply going solar.

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    Sunline Energy is Top Choice for Solar Energy in Carlsbad, CA

    • Solar comes with a 25 year warranty
    • Wide variety of top name brands in Solar panels
    • We strive for customer satisfaction
    • Roof comes with a 10 year warranty
    • We carry name brands in solar energy storage batteries
    • We have over 10 years of experience
    • We have installed over 50,000+ solar panels in Southern California
    • Greatly reduce or eliminate your energy bill
    • You will have a long lasting and durable solar energy system
    • Financing is available for those who qualify
    Best Solar Panels in Carlsbad CA by Sunline Energy

    Sunline Energy the Top Choice for Solar Company

    The Time For Solar is Now!

    Adding a solar energy system is not just a purchase but an investment that can pay off in 5-8 years occasionally even less depending on the size of your system. A paid off solar energy system can have an ROI of 20% which means huge savings for the lifespan of your system.

    This is even more true for areas with higher energy rates like Carlsbad, CA. Energy costs are about 6% higher than the rest of California that is nearly 15% of the rest of the United States. So why spend all that money when the sun can help you pay for most of your energy bill?

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    Ready to Go Solar in Carlsbad?

    The Time For Solar is Now!

    Picking the best solar company to install your system is very important. Many companies serve all of the US and concentrate on expanding as much as possible. Other companies just care about offering the cheapest prices and not caring about the lifespan or the value of solar panels. Hiring a local solar company in Carlsbad, CA like Sunline Energy will actually benefit you more. We have installed over 50,000+ solar panels around San Diego County and understand how the Carlsbad, CA solar process works. Since we know San Diego, CA we can inform you of all the federal and state incentives. Our team has worked hard to streamline the solar process. We take care of all the while and all you do is enjoy the process and start seeing the savings roll in.

    Don’t delay! Contact Sunline Energy today to get started on your no obligation, free energy consultation.

    Carlsbad Solar Energy Company in San Diego, CA

    Commercial Solar

    Owning a business is exciting and it can also be very costly. A great way to save money while helping the environment is adding solar panels for your business in Carlsbad, CA. Sunline Energy only works with quality, highly efficient solar panels and components so you know that your commercial solar energy system will last for a very long time. Our solar energy system is customized for each business to maximize efficiency and save as much as possible.

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    Why Solar is the smart choice

    Adds property value. Studies show that adding solar panels can help you sell your home faster and for more! A system of 3.1kW sold for around $17,000 more than a home with no solar. Most potential home buyers understand the importance of saving money on electricity.

    Lowers your electrical costs. Many see a big return on investment within a year. The right solar system will provide a 15-20% savings on your bill which in 25-30 years can add up to $30,000-$40,000. That is very significant especially when you pay the utility company and they raise the prices year after year.

    Environmentally friendly. Most of the U.S. is powered by fossil fuels and purchase from companies that use natural gas, petroleum and coal. If you power a home with solar for most of the electrical needs it will offset their carbon footprint and emissions.

    What Customers are Saying

    “Sunline Energy was great!!! We were outgrowing our current solar system and wanted to expand. Like many solar companies the original company that installed our system closed down. We found sunline online and requested an estimate. It was so easy and it was priced well. The process was quick and painless” – Patty G.

    “Sunline Energy means quality solar panels and work. From initial call to walk through they were just amazing and easy to work with.” -Dianna R.

    “I’ve been doing a home remodel and with all the various contractors that I have worked with, this company by far has been the easiest. They took care of everything and my solar energy system was installed when they said it would. I wish other companies were easy to work with.” -Rick G.

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    Quality Solar at Reasonable Rates

    Federal Tax Credit

    The federal residential solar energy credit can be claimed on your federal income tax return for a percentage of the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Here is how to qualify, the system must be placed in service during the tax year and generate power for a home within the US. The current tax rate is 26% but it will decrease in 2022 to 22%. There is no maximum amount that you can claim.

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    If you are interested in going solar for your Carlsbad, CA home or business and would like to learn more about our products or process, contact us today by filling out the contact form or giving us a call at (858) 252-2280. Our consultations are free and no-hassle. Let us help you with all of your solar energy installation needs.