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    Sunline Energy the Trusted Solar and Roofing Company in San Diego, CA

    Sunline Energy provides solar and roof replacement services to San Diego homeowners. Our quality service for residential roofing and solar has been provided for the past 10 years. Our company is licensed and insured, CSLB #971708. With us, you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time. Roof replacements are a big investment for any San Diegan homeowners. We at Sunline Energy understand the task at hand, and we streamline the process in order to provide homeowners with the best experience.
    You want to choose a roofer that has been in business for years and has a good warranty when it comes to roofing. We offer a ten-year warranty using only the best materials like Owens Corning and have been in business for over 55 years.
    The mistake most homeowners make is allowing price to determine which contractor to hire. You get what you pay for when it comes to most things in life. Therefore, cost should not be your only concern when choosing a reputable roofing company in your area. You may end up with a substandard installation if you go with a company that offers a cheap price and doesn’t have many satisfied customers.

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    Do you need to replace your roof before going solar?

    If your roof is getting close to the end of its lifespan, consider having it evaluated to see if it can withstand solar panels. It is a good idea to get an expert out to assess your roof between five and ten years before it needs to be replaced.

    Sunline Energy is one of the few solar companies that offer roofing services. It is common to re-roof your home during a solar installation and in the long run it will save you money.

    A new roof is a smart move if it’s determined that you should replace your old one prior to going solar. Most roofing materials are not as durable as solar panels. As a result, when solar panels are coupled with a roof replacement, the panels actually prolong the life of the covered roof portion.

    A second advantage of installing solar and a new roof at the same time is that you are unlikely to have to re-roof during the lifetime of the system if you installed the system on a new roof.

    Sunline Energy Roofing Company in San Diego

    The area has a lot of fly-by-night roofing companies, so choosing a roofer will be challenging. Choosing the right company for a major project involves many considerations. It is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation.

    A good place to start when looking for a contractor in your area is the internet. A good place to start is yelp, the better business bureau and CSLB.

    The types of roofs we service include in San Diego:

    • Concrete Tile
    • Composite Shingle
    • Metal
    • Flat/Low-Slope
    • Clay Tile

    Roofing is a dangerous job. Anyone without experience shouldn’t take on this project on their own.
    In case of property damage or injury, a licensed contractor has adequate insurance coverage. Before hiring a contractor, ensure that their license and insurance are valid.

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    Roofing & Solar Specialists for Residential Properties in San Diego

    Before you choose a roofing contractor, it’s a good idea to check their past work. How do previous customers feel about the contractor’s work?

    You can request a list of past customers in your area and perhaps you can drive by their homes or contact them. This and other considerations to choosing the right roofing company.

    San Diego Roofing Services We Provide:

    • Full Roof Replacement
    • Residential Roof Repair
    • Roof Removals
    • Partial Roof Replacement
    • Solar Roof Mount
    • Roof Installation

    The selection of San Diego roofing contractors got easier. Contact Sunline Energy for a free, no-obligation, free roofing, and solar estimate. You can fill out the contact form here or call us at (858) 252-2280.

    Contact Sunline Energy For Roofing and Solar

    Adding solar panels and a full re-roof for your home is a great investment with many benefits. It will add property value, save you thousands of dollars, and will make your home energy efficient. If you need a new roof and want to go solar contact Sunline Energy. Our team can give you both services at a great price. We are knowledgeable and can help you make the right choices and stay within your budget. Check out our roofing and solar customer testimonials here.