Going solar
with Sunline:
an easy business

Why Go Solar?

Do you own a commercial building or multi-family housing complex? If so, you can capture cost savings and benefits similar to those delivered by our residential solar systems, but on a much larger scale.

Truth is, solar power makes good sense for a wide array of businesses and building types, regardless of industry. The benefits are amplified for energy-hungry businesses, like manufacturing facilities, data centers, laundromats, laboratories, and companies that have large HVAC or refrigeration systems.

The bright points
of commercial solar

  • Multiple tax advantages and incentives, such as investment tax credit and accelerated depreciation, can reduce your business tax liability
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate your electricity bill
  • Create a hedge against the rising cost of energy purchased
    from the grid
  • Boost the market value of commercial properties
    or multi-family housing
  • Generate energy credits for producing more power than you consume
  • Battery storage makes your solar power accessible during
    nighttime hours
  • Eliminate lost productivity caused by power outages
  • Elevate your company image by using eco-friendly renewable energy
  • Enjoy decades of reliable, low-cost energy with very low
    maintenance costs

Commercial solar systems are typically much larger than residential systems, with much higher efficiency rates. This can lead to system paybacks as fast as 2-4 years. After payback, your Sunline solar system will pay for itself many times over — delivering reliable clean energy with virtually no maintenance.

Request a free energy usage analysis and solar system quote today. It’s a quick, no-cost way to get a clear picture of how Sunline can add value to your commercial property.

Employee installing commercial solar panels in San Diego
Our Quality

Your solar panels are a lifetime investment and they should last a lifetime. At Sunline we deliver the best commercial installation service in the solar industry. We’ve got an in-house team of expert engineers and electricians (never outside contractors) that deliver flawless workmanship and use only the best manufacturers and products, so you get the best quality and value.

Business leaders discussing cost savings for installing commercial solar panel systems
Our Reputation

A solar installer’s reputation speaks volumes and can make a huge difference in the outcome of your installation. At Sunline, honesty, integrity, workmanship and service are the pillars of our company. We stand behind the quality of our installations, and are dedicated to delivering the best value in the industry.

Why Sunline?

We strive to deliver superior installations at the best value