All residential solar energy systems connect to the main electrical grid through their utility company. The weather is unpredictable, so you can’t rely on solar energy system as a sole power source. Otherwise on cloudy days or during the winter you wouldn’t be able to get the power you need to run your household. How...
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Solar Tax Credit
Despite import tariffs and changes to solar tax credits, solar energy has never been more popular than today. Homeowner’s continue to see the massive value in going solar. By switching to a cleaner energy source buyers can lower their monthly energy bills, while also increasing the value of their homes. If you own your home...
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All good things must come to an end and the Federal Solar Tax Credit is no different. But the end isn’t here just yet… In response to growing demand for cleaner energy sources the EPA established the Solar Tax Credit in 2005. Originally intended to last only through 2007, the program still continues to this...
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American Solar Tarriffs
An Emerging Industry Faces Uncertain Hurdles President Trump recently approved recommendations by the International Trade Commission (ITC) to impose steep tariffs on silicon-based solar panels. With 95 percent of solar panels in U.S. solar projects currently imported from Southeast Asia, the tariffs pose future uncertainties to the industry. Proponents of Domestic Solar had sought a...
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Utility Solar Array
Heading into 2018 the future has never looked brighter for renewable energy sources, with solar energy poised to become the leading source for cheap, renewable energy around the globe. The solar energy boom continued throughout last year due to a combination of increasing private investment, acceptance of clean energy policies, and reduced equipment costs allowed...
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Solar Panels in San Diego California
California Governor Jerry Brown appeared to be setting lofty energy goals for the State in late 2015, when he signed into law a set of mandates that would aim to see California get 50 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. At the signing ceremony Governor Brown had stressed the importance of moving...
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Renewable energy in California
This past October the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) made recommendations to impose tariffs on silicon-based solar panels, in addition to establishing a licensing fee on some solar equipment. By making their recommendations the ITC has essentially confirmed ongoing claims that unregulated imports have damaged the commercial viability of US manufacturing of solar panels...
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