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    Best Solar Company in Escondido, CA

    Best Solar Company Escondido, CA
    Escondido Solar Installation

    Residents in Escondido, CA are saving so much money with their solar power system from Sunline Energy. We have been helping Escondido homeowners to maximize their savings with solar panels on their roof or ground mount. Choosing Sunline Energy means you will be getting the best solar panel system to help you save money for many years.

    Escondido, CA is known to have a great deal of sunshine and San Diego County is one of the best places for solar energy. That is why it’s not surprising that San Diego County has been named one of the top places for solar energy.

    Here are some intriguing facts about Solar Energy in San Diego:

    Escondido CA Solar Company by Sunline Energy

    Honest Energy

    The best solar companies come from the top solar cities. Solar panels are being installed all over Escondido, CA and San Diego County and Sunline Energy has contributed to over 100,000+ solar panels from San Ysidro to Oceanside and La Jolla to Santee. If you would like to learn more what our customers have to say about us, check out our yelp reviews. We have more than 300+, 5 star reviews. We aim to make our customers happy and design them the best solar system at the best price. We have streamlined our solar panel installation process to make it easier for you, so sit back and relax and enjoy the benefits of solar energy for your home. If you have any questions about solar, tax credit, solar permits, HOA’s or more. Feel free to contact us and we will happily answer any questions.

    Escondido Solar Financing:

    Sunline Energy offers many great financing options that will fit any homeowners looking to install solar in their home.

    Stay Local in Escondido, CA

    Sunline Energy loves renewable energy and has some of the most knowledgeable solar consultants in San Diego. They know Escondido, CA and solar panels.

    Our team of Engineers will design the best solar panel system for your home that will fit your electricity needs. Choosing a local solar company near will be the best option for you because we know the ins and out of solar installation and solar permits, HOA’s, solar regulations and building codes. Take comfort in knowing that Sunline Energy will get the job done right.

    Solar in Escondido CA by Sunline Energy

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    Escondido Solar Installation

    Headquartered and operated in San Diego California, Sunline Energy has been serving the Escondido area for more than 10 years for all of their solar installation needs.

    Escondido Solar Panel Company

    Many residents have noticed their energy bills going up every year. It’s no secret that SDG&E have been increasing their rates from 2019-2022, a total of 28% total increase. Let’s take a look into the yearly SDG&E increase.
    2019 11%
    2020 6.9%
    2021 5.1%
    2022 4.9%

    So don’t think about it any longer, going solar today is the best time. Avoid the year hike price and protect yourself from those pesky rate increases. You’ll be glad you did.

    When you choose Sunline Energy as your solar provider, you will choose solar experts that have installed over 50,000+ solar panels in Escondido, CA and San Diego County. You will not only greatly reduce your carbon footprint but you will significantly reduce your utility bill or might even eliminate it. Gain some independence from your utility company today!

    During your free solar consultation our consultant will ask you questions about your utility usage, what you want to achieve with your solar power system, inspect your roof and help you figure out your savings and match you with the perfect solar panels. Our consultants will also explain the process of going solar, how it works and the rebates available in your area. Our team of engineers will then design your solar system that will fit your home and help you save money and help save the planet.

    Things to know about SDG&E

    SDG&E offers Net Energy Metering known as (NEM) the program allows you to sell back all of your solar energy that you don’t use and put back to the grid. There are several factors that determine if you qualify for net metering:

    Your system must be compliant with SDG&E rules and regulations.
    Your electrical system must be renewable, for example as solar panels.
    Sunline Energy is always compliant with our solar energy systems as well as rules and regulations.

    We take pride in our work and have been serving San Diego County for over 10 years. Our team strives to offer not only the top name solar panels but the best customer service and our workmanship and components come back with a 25 year warranty.

    Should I go Solar?

    Here are some basic questions to help you determine if solar is right for you.

    Is your roof spacious?

    Ideally for a solar roof mount is about 100 square feet of area per kilowatt. An average home will have about 20 solar panels and will need around 5,600 square feet of space.

    Is your roof shaded?

    Are there any buildings, trees or hills that are blocking your roof? If so there might be an issue. Ideally the sun should be hitting your solar panels for at least 5 hours of day.

    What type of roof do you have?

    The best roofs to install solar panels are on corrugated asphalt shingles or on a corrugated metal roof. Adding it on a slate or tile roof the installation might be a little more complicated and costly. If you have a shake roof you might be able to install solar because of its potential fire hazard.

    Which way does your roof slant?

    A north-facing roof is the least desirable for a solar panel system.

    How old is your roof?

    Adding solar panels to an old roof might become a hazard. Your roof needs to be in good condition in order to install solar panels. We can help you with whole or partial re-roof. We only use the best roofing materials and come with a lifetime warranty.

    What size system do you need?

    Our solar consultants will help you with the numbers to figure out the size of the system you will need in order to get the most out of solar. Typically a five-kilowatt system generates about 7,000 kilowatt per hour per year.

    How long do you plan to live in the home?

    Adding a solar system is a long term investment. If you plan to move or sell your home, we recommend not adding solar panels. It’s best to stay in your home long enough for solar panels to pay for themselves.

    How much is your electricity bill?

    If your energy bill is more than $150 a month then the solar power system will be valuable. You can check the U.S. The Energy Information Administration provides a map of electricity rates, to see how the state of California compares to other states.

    Contact Sunline Energy

    If you are interested in going solar for your Escondido, CA home or business and would like to learn more about our products or process, contact us today by filling out the contact form or giving us a call at (858) 252-2280. Our consultations are free and no-hassle. Let us help you with all of your solar energy needs.