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    Santee, CA Homeowners Are Saving So Much Money by Installing Solar Panels

    Santee homeowners are amazed on how much money they are saving by installing solar panels for their homes. Not every single solar energy system is the same and in order to save the most amount of money you need one of the best solar energy companies to install your solar panel system. Sunline Energy is the perfect solution!

    With all of the sun Santee, CA receives daily, it’s no wonder why San Diego has been rated as one of the top cities in the United States to install a solar panel system for homes and businesses.

    Here are some interesting solar facts for San Diego, CA:

    • By 2035 The San Diego Climate Action Plan (CAP) plans for the city to run 100% percent on renewable clean energy.
    • Between 2015 and 2016 solar panel system have increased by 26%.
    • San Diego County has 260 days of sunshine, which makes Santee a great place to install solar panels.
    • The payback for solar panels is 5.5 years which makes about 20 years worth of so much energy savings.
    • A Santee home without solar panels can expect to average an energy bill of $250 a month. With solar they can save over $133,000 over 25 years.
    Solar Energy Company in Santee CA by Sunline Energy

    Solar Panels in Santee Is a Great Investment

    Some of the Best Solar Companies come from top solar cities like San Diego, CA. Every year more Santee homeowners are installing solar panels on their roofs or ground mounts. Sunline Energy has contributed to the growth of solar panels in Santee and San Diego County. We proudly are one of the top rated solar companies on Yelp with over 300+ 5 star reviews. See what people are saying about Sunline Energy. We have been named one of the best solar companies in San Diego, CA.

    The time to go solar is now! It’s never been easier and more affordable. We have streamlined the process so you can relax and start seeing the savings rolling in. Our team are experts in solar panels for San Diego County. We can answer any questions from solar panel systems, tax rebates, benefits, permits and more.

    Hire Local in Santee, CA

    Why hire a solar company that is not familiar with Santee, CA and it’s solar process. With many companies that are nationwide they might not be familiar with what type of solar panels will work best for the Santee area or the permit process. That can be more costly for you. You want the job to be done right the first time.

    San Diego Gas and Electric

    San Diego County’s utility provider is San Diego Gas and Electric SDG&E. Each California utility company has different policies and rates. Thus creating different situations for every area. For example SDG&E can raise prices as much as they want. For example in 2019 they approved a 28% price increase within 4 years. That can greatly impact your pocket in a year.

    Sunline Energy has completed countless solar and storage battery projects that are connected to the SDG&E grid. Our solar experts can walk you through the process and every incentive you qualify for. San Diego Gas and Electric offers a Net Energy Metering NEM program. A program that will make it possible for the utility company to buy back your excess electricity. One of the qualifications is that your system must be some type of renewable energy, for example solar panels.

    Your system must be compliant in order to qualify for the NEM program. Sunline Energy will make sure that your system will pass all inspections.

    Santee Solar

    Sunline Energy is the top choice for solar energy installation in San Diego, CA. We only work with the best quality solar panels with top production and a 25 year warranty. Our team knows solar panels in San Diego and can help you with all of your needs.

    Sunline Energy Services

    Solar Energy System – Install some of the best solar panels in the industry and have a peace of mind knowing your system will last 25+ years with minimal loss of production.

    Roofing – 20% of our solar installation needs a full or partial re-roofs. That’s why we assembled a team of some of the best roofers in San Diego, CA. Our team can help you with all of your roofing needs and it comes with a 10 year warranty.

    Solar Storage Battery – If you are looking to up your solar game and be less dependent on your utility provider. Adding a solar storage battery to your solar system will add to your savings and protect you from any rolling blackouts or power outages.

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