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    Chula Vista Solar Company

    More home and business owners are installing solar panel systems and are saving a substantial amount of money. In order for San Diegans to see solar investment maximized they need to hire a quality solar company. Sunline Energy is amongst one of the best solar panel companies in Chula Vista, CA and San Diego County. We have quickly become a top choice for residential solar on yelp and google.

    San Diego County and Chula Vista, California has been named one of the top cities for solar energy with so many sunny days, let the sun work for you!

    Here are Poway Solar fun facts:

    • The San Diego Climate Action Plan CAP is aiming for San Diego to be running on 100% renewable energy.
    • San Diego has installed over 420.38 megawatts of solar panels energy with an average of 294.8 per capita.
    • Any San Diego County area such as Chula Vista, CA is a great place for installing a solar panel system.
    • An average Chula Vista, CA household will average $250 or more a month on their San Diego Gas and Electric can expect a savings of $133,000 over the lifespan of the solar panels which usually last 25 years which is the lifespan of the solar panels.
    • San Diego has installed 189 megawatts (mw solar capacity, Los Angeles has 215 mw)
    Chula Vista Solar Company Sunline Energy

    The Best Solar Companies in San Diego, CA

    Some of the best solar companies come from solar cities like Chula Vista and San Diego, California. As more homeowners are installing a solar panel system for their home or business. Sunline Energy has installed over 100,000+ solar panels from Oceanside to San Ysidro and Santee to San Diego, CA. Our customer testimonials speak for themselves. We strive to provide every single customer with the best solar system that fits their energy needs and their home.

    Investing in a solar power system can be stressful and overwhelming, that’s why Sunline Energy has made it as easy as possible for Chula Vista residents and commercial business owners to go solar. It’s never been more affordable to go solar. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we take care of everything and you will see the savings come in. Sunline Energy is a local solar panel company offering services near you. We have been providing quality solar solutions for over 10 years and we are familiar with every county in San Diego. We can answer any questions regarding solar panels,  SDG&E solar programs and more. Sunline Energy is proud to serve San Diego and Chula Vista, CA.

    Let the Sun Pay for Your Utility Bills in Chula Vista and Go Local in San Diego, CA

    Hire Sunline Energy Solar Company Near You

    Before you hire a solar company make sure to do your research before going solar.  If you install a solar power system you want to make sure your install is done correctly the first time. Hire us, a company that is extremely knowledgeable with the Chula Vista step process and solar permits.

    San Diego Gas and Electric

    San Diego’s local utility company in Chula Vista is San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E); they are the main utility company for all of San Diego County. Rates and solar policies vary from different California electric companies. This creates opportunities to help solar energy owners to reduce their energy bill significantly. 

    Let the Sun Work for You in Chula Vista by Adding Solar Panels

    One of the unique things about SDG&E is their Net Energy Metering (NEM). What it means for their customer is the company will buy back all of the extra excess energy and send it back to their grid.

    The main factors to qualify for the NEM is as follows:

    • Your system has to comply with SDG&E regulations and rules
    • Your system must be categorized as renewable energy such as solar panels

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    Sunline Energy is the Right Choice for Your Solar Energy Company

    Sunline Energy only works with quality solar panels and components to ensure your solar energy system will last 25 years or even longer. Our Solar Panels are cutting edge and at a yearly minimal loss of productivity throughout the years. They come with a lifetime warranty.

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