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    Temecula has a high number of sunny days making it an ideal place to install solar panels. The number of solar panels installed on residential rooftops is staggering.
    Going solar saves the planet, but did you know it can also save you a lot of money? Your electric bill will decrease immediately after you install solar panels on your home. You will save more money in your area if energy costs are higher. Even in Southern California, a system installed at the moment would save over $35,000 over its lifetime.

    Solar Power Saves Temecula Residents

    If you install solar panels on your home, instead of sending your money to the utility company, you will have control over how much energy you use. Currently, your electric company is saving thousands of dollars a year by selling your solar energy. With Sunline Energy, you’ll receive these savings, providing you with financial freedom for years to come.
    Taking the lead on clean energy, the Inland Empire serves as an example for other nations to follow.
    Temecula residents and businesses serviced by Southern California Edison will receive net metering. The utility must credit you for every kWh exported to the grid at their retail rate if you use net metering. A credit is still provided to future bills at the retail power rate when more energy is exported than drawn. The remaining credit in your account at the end of the yearly cycle is about 3-4 cents per kWh.
    Because of the new net metering rules, customers will have to switch to time of use billing to go solar, but the penalty is only about 10%, so solar is still a worthwhile investment. In addition to allowing taxpayers to deduct 26% until 2022 and 22% in 2023 of the system cost, there is no limit on how large a system can be.

    Solar Panel Installation Temecula

    Temecula residents will pay twice as much for electricity by 2020 under new SCE time-of-use rates. The Time To Go Solar is NOW!

    How Does Solar in San Diego Works

    When it comes to properly installing solar panels, knowing your local community is key. Permitting processes and building codes for installing rooftop solar panels vary from city to city and town to town in the Inland Empire. You can save countless hours and dollars if you hire a solar company that has experience working within your city limits.
    To see permitting requirements in Temecula check out their website: City of Temecula
    Sunline Energy has been proudly been installing residential solar over ten years.

    Solar Panel Installation Temecula

    Temecula is a family-friendly suburb of southwest Riverside County known for its quiet country setting, wineries, and trails for hiking. Near the Inland Empire and San Diego, Temecula is a favorite destination for residents who commute to work in both areas.
    As a result of its inland location and warm temperatures most of the year, Temecula is a leader in solar energy. The switch to solar energy has already been made by hundreds of residents and business owners who realize the financial and environmental benefits of cutting ties with the dirty energy utility.
    In Temecula, Sunline Energy has installed solar panels on dozens of homes and businesses. In Temecula, we are committed to helping our solar power customers achieve their goal of energy independence.
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