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    Best Solar Company in Encinitas, CA

    Installing solar panels in Encinitas CA, comes with many benefits. Aside from beautiful coastal weather and scenery, picture worthy sunsets and a 25 mile drive to San Diego, CA. It has a small town feel and amazing surf. It’s also a perfect place to install solar panels for your home.

    Best Solar Panel Installers Encinitas

    Why Go Solar in Encinitas?

    Solar Energy Systems have been around for a while, but with prices dropping it has now become more affordable than ever. Our solar PV panels are one of the best in the market and well priced. Many customers are surprised to find out how affordable and easy installing solar for their Encinitas home and business is.

    Going solar will drastically reduce or eliminate your energy bill, help gain energy independence and greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Many homeowners installing solar panel systems will see a great return on investment and increase their property value all while protecting themselves from yearly energy cost hikes. There are so many reasons to go solar. We can help with all your solar needs.

    Encinitas Solar Power Job

    Do I qualify for solar energy?

    Here are some simple questions to find out.

    Do you own a home?

    Putting solar on a home that you don’t own is not a good investment.

    Does your roof have any obstructions?

    Solar panels work from sun exposure and if your roof has a lot of shading due to trees around your home, you should consider trimming your trees to allow more sun exposure. If you have any pipes and chimneys it might also affect your placement of your solar panel system.

    How’s your roof strength?

    It’s crucial to have a good roof that has strength and stability. If you need a re-roof or roofing services for your Encinitas, CA home, we can help you with any roofing services.

    Sunline Energy is Encinitas Trusted Solar Company

    At Sunline Energy we strive to offer our customers high-quality solar panels as well as top notch customer service. We have over 25 years of combined experience serving San Diego County and its surrounding areas. Along with being a top rated company and named Top Solar Company on Yelp and Solar Reviews.

    See What Our Customers Have To Say

    We’ve had our solar now for about 10 months and can’t say how happy we were to make the move to Solar with Sunline. There has been 2-3 times where I had some questions and I reached out to Matt. He’s always so helpful and even after having the system installed, he’s always so happy to help.

    Anyone I Know looking for solar, I will send them your way. Ask for Matt”
    -Derek P.

    (For More Yelp Reviews View Here)

    Sunline Energy Best Solar Company in Encinitas Services

    Solar PV Systems
    We only offer quality solar panels and quality components. From LG, Panasonic, Enphase and well known brand names. We understand purchasing solar energy system can be stressful and confusing that is why we take out all of the hassles and offer quality solar panels so you can have a piece of mind.

    Solar Battery Storage
    If you have a solar PV system installed and want to take it to another level, or if you want the best options for your solar power system, we highly recommend a home battery storage. Installing a home battery will protect you from power outages and rolling blackouts for days. You can also maximize consumption of your power by giving you control of your system. We are a Tesla and Enphase Certified Installer.

    Sunline Energy’s main goal was to offer the best solar energy services in Southern California. We quickly found out that adding roofing service would be crucial. About 20% of our projects we come across are damaged or old roofs requiring a full or partial roof. Sub-contracting was our initial strategy but realized that it was best to assemble the very best roofing team in Encinitas. We want to make sure our customers are comfortable and know that we will take on every single aspect of the project and have it done with the highest industry roofing standards.

    Go Solar in Encinitas

    If you are a homeowner in the Encinitas, CA area and want to learn more or are ready to install solar PV panels for you home contact us today. Reduce or even stop paying your utility bills while helping the environment.  We can help you and design the perfect system for your needs.

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    What Makes Sunline Energy The Right Solar Company for Encinitas?

    Sunline Energy has quickly become one of the solar companies in San Diego and Encinitas, CA. From initial call to installation we will be every step of the way. Our solar consultants can meet you in-person or virtually. They will inspect your energy bill and your roofing and go over all of your solar needs. Our solar consultants will then suggest the best solar system customized to your home and your needs. When the agreement is signed then we get to work. Our in-house engineers will create your system and submit all the permits that are needed. Once the permits are approved and system laid out, we will schedule your installation. It typically takes 3-5 days depending on the system and any complications that may arise. Once the system is installed, we schedule an inspection, when it’s approved we turn on your system. We will walk you through the process and answer any questions. We understand that going solar can be stressful, but we will take out any stress and make sure you are happy with your solar panel system. Even after installation, we will be here to help you monitor your system and provide any services for your Solar Energy System in Encinitas.