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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) intends for consumers to be informed when going solar. To insure this they’ve released a Solar Consumer Protection Guide, which takes you on a journey throughout the ins and outs of the solar process. In California you can no longer enter into an agreement with a solar contractor for an installation until this document has been read, initialed, and signed.


It’s important to know your rights as a consumer. You also want to be certain you ask the right questions along the way. Every customers situation is unique, so proposals are customized based on many variables (type of roof, amount of energy capacity required, desire for back-up capabilities, etc.). Once you read and sign this guide you will be confident you are making an informed choice on solar.

Doing your homework on solar is essential. This guide acts as an introduction to fully understanding how solar works  –  the benefits it provides to your home, the different financing options available, and other helpful solar resources as well.


  • False Solar Claims (and the Truth behind them)
  • Your Rights as a Solar Consumer
  • Questions to Ask Potential Contractors
  • Roadmap for Solar
  • Low-Income Solar Programs Available
  • Understanding Solar (the Players and the Process)
  • Finding & Selecting a Qualified Provider
  • Financing Option Comparisons
  • How Electricity Bill Savings Works
  • Paperwork to Review
  • Additional Solar Resources
  • “Before You Sign” Checklist

Once the guide is complete you will be thoroughly informed on solar. The key to getting the most out of your solar energy system is to be an informed solar purchaser, so be certain to not skip over any sections. Get critical information about solar you need – energy bliss awaits you soon.

California Solar Consumer Protection Guide

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