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When shopping around for the “best” solar installer in San Diego, there are many different factors to consider.  Over the previous week, we’ve explored some of the more important considerations, including:

But at the end of the day, all of these variables boil down to one thing – reputation.  Is the solar contractor you’re about to hire someone who can finish the job and deliver optimal financial and environmental savings?

In the solar world, reputation means everything.  This is because every PV system that goes up on a rooftop becomes a visible part of an installer’s portfolio.

You can’t run away from shoddy workmanship when everyone on the block can see your work.  This is especially true for smaller, local installers who don’t have the option of moving to new markets.  In order to thrive, you must stand behind your service 100%.

But how do you gauge reputation?  You can’t simply ask an installer.  Every contractor in San Diego will assure you that he, she, or they are #1.  At Sunline Energy, we’re no different.  Just ask us, and we’ll tell you we’re the best.

To really understand a solar installer’s reputation, you’ve gotta ask around.  Talk to satisfied customers.  And see what industry experts have to say.

Let’s see how Sunline Energy’s reputation stands up when you bring in independent, 3rd parties.

What the Solar Industry Says about Our Reputation

Solar Power World Magazine is one of the most prestigious and trusted renewable energy publications on the planet.  And every year, it announces its favorite picks across a broad range of different categories – including the best solar installers in the business.

Last year, Sunline Energy ranked #159 nationwide for solar contractors.  And we also ranked #55 in the magazine’s list of best residential solar installers.

That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.  Just to put this in perspective – the Solar Foundation reports that there are nearly 143,000 solar professionals who work at 6,100 companies in 7,800 locations across the county.

To be in the top 159 out of a nationwide pool of thousands is awesome.

What Customers Say about Our Reputation

These rankings (#159 and #55) speak volumes.  But you know what we value even more than peer recognition?  We value customer satisfaction, business referrals, and client testimonials.

And we have a lot to be thankful for.

On popular rating site, Yelp, we have more 5-star reviews than any other solar installer in San Diego (as of right now, the number stands at 25).

And keep in mind that San Diego is one of the most competitive solar markets in the country.  In fact, out of the 250 contractors recognized by Solar Power World Magazine, 17 came from San Diego County.

In addition, we’re a relatively small outfit and don’t have the budget or marketing resources to compete with many of the bigger players who operate within San Diego.  And yet, no other installer comes close in terms of positive reviews.

So Are We the Best Solar Installer in San Diego?

Well, if you ask us, you already know what the answer will be.  We are absolutely, positively the best.

If you ask our industry peers (many of whom are our direct competitors), the answer is pretty good.  We rank among the top 97% of what this country has to offer.

And if you ask our clients, the news gets even better.  No one approaches us when it comes to testimonials and reviews.

Schedule a complimentary solar inspection from our team (at absolutely zero cost to you).  You can see for yourself whether or not we live up to the hype:

  • Worst case scenario, you lose one afternoon and learn a little bit about solar energy.
  • Best case scenario, you enjoy decades of free electricity thanks to an expert PV system installed by one of the best solar installers in all of San Diego.

Request your free solar inspection today.