Why We Don’t Offer Home Solar Electric Packages
It’s fairly common for businesses to offer different packages.  We’re all familiar with the bronze, silver, and gold treatment.  Or standard, deluxe, and premium.

But the solar industry is a little different.

We recently got off the phone with a prospective client who was shopping around – investigating his solar options.  He really wanted a firm quote from us and became frustrated after discovering that we don’t offer standardized home solar electric packages.

You see, every solar installation is 100% unique.  This is not a Sunline Energy policy.  Every reputable solar installer in San Diego will tell you the same thing.

In order to give you a realistic price, we must first see the home (or more specifically – the roof).

We can talk in averages.  For example, on average, a residential solar installation in San Diego County costs about $10K after incentives and rebates.  But actual packages and quotes and estimates – these require on-site inspections.

Why Is There So Much Variation?

There are many important factors that can affect the total cost (and payback period) of your San Diego solar installation.

For example:

1.  Your Long-term Goals
Is it to save the environment?  Reduce your electricity bill a little bit?  Eliminate your electricity bill entirely?

[We can determine this over the phone in most cases]

2.  Your Current Electricity Bill

How much do you pay to the utility every month (on average)?  And are there simple energy efficiency strategies to help reduce the number of solar panels needed?

3.  Your Roof – What’s the Deal?

Is your roof flat or tilted.  If tilted, what is the angle?  What is the orientation?  Is there shading (i.e. lots of trees)?  How old is the roof, and do certain parts need replacing?

4.  What Neighborhood Are You In?

When we apply for solar permits, rebates, credits, loans, or leases on your behalf – we need to know exactly where your home is.  Chula Vista has slightly different regulations from La Jolla.  And houses in Carlsbad follow different rules than homes in Lemon Grove.

Again – this is something that can be answered over the phone.  We only mention it to highlight the incredible variations that exist within San Diego’s solar industry.

Good News and Bad News about Our Home Solar Electric Solutions

At the end of the day, we really need to see your home in person before we can give you an estimate on costs, payback periods, and incentives.

These on-site inspections are 100% free – but they’re also 100% necessary.

That’s the bad news…  You have to schedule a free appointment with an installation team.  And you should avoid any contractor who gives you a quote over the phone – without actually seeing your house.

The good news?

9 times out of 10 – our solar quotes are better than the industry average.  At Sunline Energy, we consistently deliver installations that:

  • cost less than expected
  • generate more power than anticipated

To see our team in action, just request a free solar quote today.