Why Some Solar Companies in San Diego Go Too Far
In most solar marketing literature, 5kW is the “standard” size for a residential installation.

The majority of solar companies in San Diego use 5kW in their examples and brochures.  At Sunline Energy, we’re no different.

5kW is the default standard.

And consequently, most solar companies push this “standard” on potential customers.  Any homeowner shopping around for photovoltaic (PV) panels in Southern California will almost certainly end up with 5kW of solar capacity.

But this is sometimes a mistake.  And a costly one at that.

Let’s explore why.

What Size Should Solar Companies in San Diego Use?

In truth, every home is different.  Every customer is unique.  So to adopt 1 universal size for 90% of residential solar installations seems a bit silly.

Solar is a scalable technology.  It represents the ultimate in customization.  You can add as many or as few solar panels as you need.  And determining this need requires conducting a thorough analysis of your long-term:

  • financial goals
  • energy goals
  • environmental goals

In addition, any reputable assessment must also factor in the exact layout of your property.  There may be spatial constraints or untapped opportunities – depending on things like:

  • the slope, size, and layout of your roof
  • the orientation of your home or business
  • available ground space

We’ve heard horror stories of some homeowners who were duped into making radical roof renovations just so they could fit a 5kW system.  They didn’t need all 5kW.  And so they ended up paying for costly rooftop changes and “over” paying for extra solar capacity that they couldn’t use.  Not surprisingly, the solar installer in question handled both jobs and pocketed a handsome commission.

How Large a Solar Installation Do You Need?

5kW is the industry standard.  But over our many years of solar installations, we’ve done:

  • mega-sized residential installs that exceeded the 5kW standard.  These homeowners wanted to power their electric vehicles (EVs) in addition to their normal home appliances
  • really tiny installations (less than 3kW) for homeowners who simply wanted to reduce their monthly electricity bills and do something positive for the environment
  • installations that were exactly 5kW (because this is what the customer wanted after reading through our free solar proposal)

The point is, there is no universal standard for you and your home.  Don’t commit to any sized system until you’ve gone through a detailed inspection with a licensed solar contractor.

5kW may be exactly what you need.  But chances are, your “perfect” solar installation will be slightly smaller or larger.

If you’re interested in exploring your solar installation options, contact us today for a free consultation.