Why Solar in San Diego Is a Better Bet Than Wall Street
From 1926 to 2011, the S&P 500 offered an average rate of return of roughly 9.77%.

That’s a fairly respectable figure for anyone who consistently stayed in the game for all those decades.

But 9.77% is hardly a realistic rate of return.  After all, 1926 to 2011 produced a fair number of busts and booms – crises and bubbles.  Risk is an inherent part of the Wall Street machine.  Consequently, the vast majority of investors pulled money out during bad times and put money in during the good ones.


Fortunately, there exist investment vehicles that offer superior returns without any risk.  Better still, those returns steadily improve with time.

We’re, of course, talking about solar energy – one of the safest and most lucrative investments in the world.

How Is Solar Energy an Investment?

Although there are any number of environmental reasons to go solar, most homeowners and businesses install photovoltaic (PV) panels to reduce their monthly electricity bills.

Once installed on your rooftop, these panels begin generating clean and free electricity for decades.  Some installations last 40+ years with minimal maintenance.

We’re talking 4 decades of free power.

Now – at today’s solar panel prices and utility rates, the average rate of return for solar in San Diego is about 9%.  But there are a few important things to remember about this statistic:

1.  Unlike Wall Street, there’s zero risk and unlimited reward when you go solar.  Greedy investors can’t touch your installation.  There’s no moral hazard to worry about.  No complicated derivatives to wipe out your investment.  You simply have the panels installed, and that’s it.  Free electricity for decades to come.

2.  Your solar investment improves with time.  Grid electricity prices continue to rise every year – 40% in some unlucky years.  But solar energy remains the same price forever (i.e. free).  And thus, your savings (or cost avoidance) goes up with time as well.

3.  Solar offers other incredible benefits.  It not only increases the property value of your home, but it can also reduce your homeowners insurance as well.  In addition, commercial solar customers can take advantage of depreciation and special tax benefits to further boost the ROI of their green investment.

Solar truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Wall Street Is a Gamble, but San Diego Solar Is a Sure Thing

So just to recap – solar is a risk-free investment that continues to pay increasingly large dividends over time.

It’s good for the environment.  Good for property values.  Good for insurance premiums.  Good for business.  Good for your bank account.

And it’s a lot cheaper than you think.  In fact, 97% of Americans grossly overestimate the true cost of going solar (after incentives, rebates, and tax credits have kicked in).

Why continue making Wall Street and utility companies rich when you could invest in an independent power source that offers free and clean electricity for decades?

With affordable financing and payback periods of 4 to 6 years, you could be the brand new owner of a solar installation with 1 simple phone call.

Contact us today to learn how solar energy can help you earn better and longer returns than Wall Street could ever offer you.