Why SDG&E’s Price Hikes Are Helping the Solar San Diego Market
Solar in San Diego is about to get a huge boost from an unlikely source.

But first a little background.

If you live in San Diego, you probably already know about the upcoming electricity price hikes from SDG&E – scheduled for this September.  According to most sources, homeowners can expect to pay 12.2% more for the electricity they consume.

A lot of people are upset – and with good reason.

But it gets worse.

We’ve just received word that 12.2% higher electricity rates is not truly accurate.  According to SDG&E’s own website, many San Diego residents will see their bills skyrocket.  The exact increases vary by location and usage.  But inland San Diego homeowners who currently pay $249 a month can expect their monthly bills to go up to $322 (a $73 increase).

That’s nearly a 30% price hike!!!

And keep in mind that heavier users will get hit the hardest.  If you currently pay $850 a month for grid electricity, expect your bill to go up to $1,180

(40% higher).

How Does All This Help Solar in San Diego?

No one wants to pay more money for the same service – and certainly not 12%, 30% or 40% more.

But not everyone in San Diego is worried.  In fact, many homeowners are totally indifferent.  Some are even thrilled.

How is that possible?

Simple.  San Diego homeowners and businesses who have already installed solar panels are mostly shielded from these SDG&E electricity price hikes.  Some even enjoy $0 monthly bills because they have large enough solar installations to cover 100% of their energy needs.

Solar is an investment that pays for itself many times over.  As grid electricity prices continue to rise – the sun remains consistently free.

But I Didn’t Get In on the Ground Floor of the Solar San Diego Boom

At Sunline Energy we hear this a lot from prospective solar customers.  They feel like it’s too late to jump into the solar game and begin enjoying green dividends.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Now is the perfect time to go solar in San Diego (read this to learn more).  Why wait for the upcoming price hike when you could start enjoying lower monthly electricity bills right away?

But I’m Not “Rich” Enough to Go Solar

Another common misconception.  When it comes to solar energy, you’re a lot richer than you realize.  Here’s why:

  • Solar has never been more affordable than it is right now.  In fact, panel prices have fallen 80% in the past 5 years alone.
  • Solar has never been more powerful than it is right now.  This means you receive more energy output per square meter – and thus – more electricity savings.
  • There exist a range of federal, state, and local incentives to help drive down the cost of your solar installation.
  • Financing options allow you to receive a brand new solar installation with zero upfront costs.

There is no ground floor.  And you don’t have to be rich.

You only have to decide whether you want to pay more for electricity derived from dirty fossil fuel – or pay less for electricity generated from a clean, green, and renewable power source.

If you choose the latter, contact us to see how we can help.  All consultations are 100% free.