Sunline steps to go solar

If you live in San Diego but rent your apartment or live in a home without much sunlight – it’s hard to take part in the County’s solar boom.

For most solar installations, you have to:

1.  own the property on which the panels are being installed (a real challenge for renters)

2.  receive enough direct sunlight to justify the upfront investment

But San Diego solar installers and prospective customers just received some really terrific news.

SB 43 was recently signed into law.  And this could dramatically expand the County’s solar market in the next few years.

What Is SB 43 and How Does This Affect San Diego’s Solar Industry?

Known as the “shared solar bill,” SB 43 is a new law that allows customers to buy into remote solar projects.

More specifically, customers of PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E can choose to buy up to 100% of their electricity from renewable energy sources (i.e. nearby solar power plants).

This allows you to harness solar energy (and its awesome environmental and financial benefits) even if:

  • you don’t own your residential or commercial property
  • your home or business doesn’t receive enough direct sunlight

The program is pretty similar to urban, communal gardens.  Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still harvest organic vegetables at a nearby lot.

But Why Are San Diego Solar Installers So Happy?

The above is obviously great news for any prospective solar customers out there.

It’s especially good news if you rent your property or live in a shady neighborhood.

But why are solar installers so happy?  After all, most of us probably won’t be directly involved with the new solar projects.

The answer is simple.

SB 43 makes San Diego’s solar market much stronger:

  • there will be more demand for solar products in general
  • people will become more informed about the benefits of solar energy
  • the solar projects will create 6,000+ new jobs and $2.2 billion in economic activity

More demand + greater awareness + stronger economic growth = more opportunities for anyone involved in the renewable energy space.

As solar becomes more mainstream in San Diego, professional installers will receive more contracts and projects.

Oh yeah – and the environmental will get better too.

That’s a win-win-win on all counts.

So if you’re ready to go solar or have any questions, contact Sunline Energy. We are one of the most trusted solar companies in San Diego. Our solar experts have helped thousands of home and business owners choose their solar energy system.